Global consciousness anomaly: Something disturbing and, most likely, unpleasant is outlined

The Global Consciousness project is and initiative with a task to find correlations between the stream of random numbers generated by people on the Internet and certain global events that make a big impression on the masses.

By a stream of random numbers, the project understands everything that people manually type on the Internet – search queries, addresses, messages for social networks, and so on. The creators of the project write the following a little abstrusely about all this:

In the most general sense, the goal of the project was and is to create and document a consistent database of parallel streams of random numbers generated by high-quality physical sources. The goal is to determine if any correlations can be found between the statistics of these data and independent long-term physical or sociological variables. The formal hypothesis of the original event experiment is very broad. He argues that the attraction of global events will correlate with variances in the data. 

Experimental results clearly show that a wider study of this phenomenon is needed. In recent work leading up to the Global Consciousness Project, multiple REG devices in Europe and the US have demonstrated non-random activity during a widespread experience of very interesting events. For example, the funeral of Princess Diana and the International Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan created a shared emotion and coherence of consciousness that appears to correlate with structure in other random data.

In a fully developed project, a worldwide array of labile REG detectors (random event generators) is connected to computers with installed software to collect data and send it to a central server via the Internet. This network is designed to document and display any subtle but direct effects of our collective consciousness reacting to global events. The research hypothesis predicts the emergence of consistency and structure in globally distributed data collected during major events involving the world’s population.

And now, as conspiracists noticed, has some very strange data on display:

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Normally, the graph of significant correlations of random data is rushing around for 24 hours along the entire vertical, becoming alternately blue and red. When the chart is completely in the red sector, like today, it means something of biblical proportions is aproaching. 

There are very serious hypotheses about the correlation of Schumann resonance and the frequency-rhythms of the brain in people and living beings on the planet. Schumann’s frequencies are a kind of generalizing wave for the consciousness of the planet and the creatures living on it.

One way or another, these impulse strikes jam the brains of the entire planet and clearly direct the basic impulses of behavior in a certain direction.

The project developers have been building such infographics since 1998 and, perhaps, they could clarify something on this subject, but they are tight lipped. People who are in the subject and have been following the project for many years write now that they have never seen anything like this. 

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We do not know what will soon be happening in the world but the situation with the mass consciousness shows clearly signs of anomalous direction. The fact that the center of symmetry of the anomaly is in the red sector could be even considered terrifying. 


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