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Girl, 5, reads 875 books in a year; library can’t keep up

Girl, 5, reads 875 books in a year; library can't keep up 1

Sophia Moss is a definite page-turner.
The 5-year-old kindergartner at T.S. Cooley Elementary Magnet School in Lake Charles, La., has read so many books — 875 in one school year — that the school library has to play catch-up.
“I told Sophia, I said we’re going to have to order more books for T.S. Cooley Library because she’s read so many of them and enjoys so many of them,” librarian Mary Lanier told a local NBC station, KPLC-TV.
“This is very unusual for a kindergartner, especially to read this many books in a year’s time. Very unusual,” Lanier said.

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Sophia has already read most of the books in the kindergarten and first-grade section of the school library.
“I just like reading!” Moss explained matter-of-factly.
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Her father, Carl, said he helped Sophia check out as many as 20 books a week from the library.
“It’s really amazing,” he told KPLC.


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