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Giordano Bruno and the main secret of the church: A universe full of Christs

Giordano Bruno and the main secret of the church: A universe full of Christs 1

The old archives store many interesting records and wonders that mankind does not discover for just one reason – laziness to delve into piles of papers. So, fragments from the book of W. Churchill have recently been discovered, where he reasonably and with full responsibility discusses extraterrestrial life, exoplanets and other miracles. 

In his writings, the politician relied on the “principle of Copernicus.” This is a very common theory that people are far from the only intelligent creatures in the universe.

Interesting policy studies, or what W. Churchill wrote

Like all scientists, the politician believed that the main condition for the emergence (birth) of life on the planet is the presence of water. But if only 80 years ago his opinion was quite reasonable, although it was not welcomed by the academic community, it is difficult to even imagine what resonance the judgment would have caused in the distant Middle Ages, or even earlier.

Paying tribute to the mind and clarity of W. Churchill, today few people doubt the existence of another life in the universe. A lot of UFOs, unidentified objects on the Moon, new discoveries in Antarctica – all the phenomena make us change the point of view of even ossified materialists.

A reasonable assumption led to a bonfire

Just some 400 years ago, in 1600, in February, Giordano Bruno was executed. He can be considered a magician or a martyr, but still it is impossible to deny the reasonableness of the assumption of the “theory of Copernicus.” Another thing is that society was completely unprepared for such news and simply did not want to hear them.

Giordano Bruno
He was a great scientist and his fate was decided.

How the secrets of the Catholic Church came true

In 1925, it became known that just over 30 years ago, J. Bruno’s secret case was found in the Vatican’s secret archive. But Pope Leo XIII forbade the publication of the data and took the matter personally to himself. 

Documents Giordano Bruno
A great document that has kept centuries of secrecy

Documents were hidden, another fifteen years were spent searching for them. And only in the dashing years of World War II, the case was published. Scientists have learned that the “greatest heresy of J. Bruno” was not that “the earth revolves around the Sun,” they knew it anyway, but in his idea of ​​the many inhabited worlds of the Universe. The Church just could not stand it and sent the scientist to the stake. 

Why the Catholic Church was hostile to the idea of ​​intelligent life in the universe

The best minds of mankind believed in the existence of many worlds: Democritus, Epicurus. In the works of Plutarch, the heroes argue about whether there is life on the visible side of the Moon, or whether it is the “afterlife” for the souls of people who died on Earth — quite “seditious” reasoning, but they still did not burn Plutarch.

Cicero and Pliny were not sent to death – these geniuses considered nonsense any discussion of the “lunar kingdom of the dead.” It was to these denials that the heads of the Catholic Church joined. For the latter, discussions on the subject of many worlds remained a sign of paganism. In addition, the doctrine of the “Pythagoreans” was then spread, which said: the souls of people come from the Milky Way, they can be resettled.

Athanasius of Alexandria did not accept any refutation of his theory “The world is one because God is one.” Other considerations were attributed to the wicked, but so far not considered heretical.

The trouble came from the theologian Origen, who voiced thoughts about the transmigration of souls. After such a “failure” of the church, scientists of that time could no longer turn a blind eye to possible discoveries. Isidore of Seville tried to limit the scope of the mind to his own list of heresies.

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“There are other heresies that do not have a founder and a recognized name …. Someone thinks that the souls of people fall into demons or animals, others argue about the state of the world, someone believes that the number of worlds is infinite. “

I. Sevilsky (“List of heresies”)

Thanks to this authoritative conclusion, all other interpretations, including scientific ones, fell under the heading “heresy” and were considered punishable. A certain Rupert from Deutsche shows an excellent example of the behavior of church ministers of that time. Praising God, Rupert of Deutsche curses in his words “heretics-epicureans, discussing many worlds.”

After the advent of the Inquisition courts, the “heresy of many worlds” is fixed under the serial number 77 “according to Augustine’s list.”

These ideas of condemnation were accepted by all Catholic priests, Giordano Bruno, who held a practical view, had no chance of survival.

The occult system of Giordano Bruno on the plurality of worlds

Inspired by the work of Copernicus, J. Bruno discusses the plurality of intelligent creatures. The scientist builds his statements on the teachings of the “Pythagoreans.” 

Book of Giordano Bruno
The same book for which the Catholic Church sent J. Bruno to the stake

In his theories, the scientist spoke of the omnipotence of God, of his ability to create not one but many worlds. Quotes from Epicurus, Lucretius, and other contemporaries and founders of the theory convinced the minds of young youths, seditious thoughts developed in them. The church simply could not allow such a heresy, and the fate of the scientist was a foregone conclusion.

The denouement came after the young associates began to preach seditious thoughts among the masses. However, the proceedings in the Inquisition dragged on, no one wanted to destroy the Dominican priest, who was J. Bruno. The philosopher defended himself by stubbornly rejecting all charges. He brilliantly proved that he did not give up his belief in the miracles of the Lord, in his omnipotence, but immediately defended his theory of the plurality of worlds with ardor.

The main reason for the burning of the scientist: the inquisitors did not consider him a scientist, a philosopher, but only a priest who refused his dignity. 

After studying the works of Bruno by the representatives of the Inquisition, the court presented 8 heretical allegations demanding the renunciation of what was said. The scientist did not make a deal with reason and conscience. After three attempts to enlighten the scientist, on January 20, 1600, Giordano Bruno was sent to the stake.

Execution of Giordano Bruno
It was a terrible execution – a man burned alive

Only heretics were burned alive, as Giordano Bruno was recognized. He died as a martyr, and not as an adherent of occultism.

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