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Giant UFO spotted on the surface of the sun

Giant UFO spotted on the surface of the sun 1

Scott Waring made public that a colossal alien ship was seen on the surface of the Sun. He is confident that NASA is deliberately hiding information about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, because they fear that humanity is not ready for such a revelation. 

However, by a happy coincidence, the ufologist was able to detect an unidentified object of colossal triangular shape on the surface of the Sun. He did this with the help of special software developed by the European Space Agency.

The space researcher added that the UFO has been in the same place for the past month. 

“It is black, so we know that its surface is heat-resistant or it is surrounded by some kind of protective electronic shield,” Scott Waring emphasized in a material on his website .

As a proof of his words, he published a video with a UFOobtained through the program of the European Space Agency. He added that anyone who also takes advantage of this development can be convinced of the veracity of his words.

The researcher did not even consider other explanations of the anomalous event on the surface of the Sun. The ufologist did not mention the likelihood of a trivial error in the software, an incorrect interpretation of the input data, or a failure when taking readings before entering the program. He is sure that this is evidence of the existence of a highly developed alien civilization.

A few days ago, there was another incident with the ISS cameras recording an unidentified object. At the time of the detection, the camera worked in the infrared range. That is why the image has a purplish pink color.

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