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Ghosts and zombies reported to police over Christmas

Ghosts and zombies reported to police over Christmas 1

Spirit-fuelled people in Cornwall and Devon made 999 calls over the festive period claiming to have witnessed paranormal activity.

One man claimed he had to lock his castle doors after being harassed by the Ghost of Christmas Past

The spooky sightings and ghostly goings were reported to Devon and Cornwall Police.

The Charles Dickens fan phoned the force to say he had been forced to “lock the doors to his castle” in Saltash after he was contacted by the spectre.

Another call had officers investigating two “zombies” in Redruth which turned out to be a couple of friends “off their heads” and foaming at the mouth.

Officers also investigated apparent witchcraft in Exeter, when a woman claimed her horse’s mane was being plaited by an unseen being.

Police were contacted by a frightened woman in Ilfracombe, Devon, who found a spiked stick “which she can only describe as something maybe used in witchcraft”.

Figures released this week revealed the force received 30 reports of extra-terrestrial or paranormal activity over the last two years.

Other reports include a woman from Plymouth who claimed her ex-boyfriend was trying to put a spell on her and another who claimed she has been joined in bed by a ghost at her home in Redruth.

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A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said that officers had responded to calls where there were concerns about the wellbeing of callers.

He said: “Police would not attend an incident for the report of paranormal activity.

“An officer will however attend if there is concern for the welfare for either the caller or another individual or where there is reason to believe an offence may have occurred.”

National logs show 277 requests for urgent assistance because of paranormal activity since 2010.

A train passenger said there were witches and warlocks travelling from Edinburgh to London and a caller in Hertfordshire told officers their partner was “some kind of vampire”.



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