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Ghostly Figure In Photo A Sign From God? Pastor Thinks So

Ghostly Figure In Photo A Sign From God? Pastor Thinks So 1

A pastor and his wife believe a ghostly figure that appeared in the background of a photograph is a sign from a higher power.

CBS2’s Stacey Butler reports that a man named Radu, who didn’t want to appear on-camera, took a photo of a co-worker two weeks ago at an Irvine warehouse.

The picture, which Radu said he did not retouch, showed a veiled woman in the corner behind the co-worker.

“I can clearly see the face. I can even see long hair. I can see, like a veil that covers all the way to the floor,” said Daniela, the wife of Pastor Danny Goia.

Goia and his wife said Radu is a new member of First Romanian Pentecostal Church in Anaheim.

They said Radu and his wife recently were baptized and then married on the same day.

“The next day was when this photo was taken,” Daniela said.

Daniela said she believes the image is an angel protecting Radu.

The couple also believes it’s a message from God.

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“God is trying to reveal to the people before something major will happen,” Goia said.

On Thursday, the pastor showed the image to a small gathering during a church service.

“God wants to say, ‘Hey, get ready. Get well with me because something good is gonna come soon,’” Goia said.



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