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Ghostbusters found the “Shining twins” in Britain’s most haunted hotel

Ghostbusters found the "Shining twins" in Britain's most haunted hotel 1
Photo: : Warner Bros

A couple of ghostbusters spent the night in one of Britain’s “most haunted” hotels. According to the Daily Star, Lee and Linzi Steer visited the Adelphi hotel in Liverpool and saw firsthand why it is notorious.

ForPost - News: Ghostbusters have found "twins from" Shining "in the hotel

The couple shared a live video of them exploring the building, which can be viewed on their Facebook page. They claim that they heard a strange whistle from the hotel elevator, strange sounds in room 105, and the video even caught the silhouette of mysterious twins in the hallway.

According to 55-year-old Lee Steer, traces of ghosts could be found throughout the hotel, both in the rooms and in the corridors.

“The first strange things started happening at the elevator. When we were filming a video next to him, he suddenly opened – despite the fact that there was no one inside. We heard from other people who have been to the hotel that the elevators there behave as they want, but it was very strange to see it with our own eyes. We also heard a strange whistle in the elevator, and in our room – the sound of someone scratching against the walls, ”- the ghost hunter said.

But his wife, 52-year-old Linzi, told about the strangest find. According to her, one of the viewers of the stream found two twins in the video, who appeared in the corridor for a second.

“It seems to me that they were two children. It reminded me of the twins from The Shining. We also used special devices to try to communicate with the spirits, but we only heard curses in response,” Linzi said.

According to the couple, strange events took place not only in the corridors, but also in their room: the doors in it opened by themselves, and the bedroom was abnormally cold.


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