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Ghost in an abandoned fort: British filmed a paranormal phenomenon

Tony Ferguson and Paul Kissell, whose hobby is exploring abandoned buildings, managed to film the paranormal. According to friends, they were lucky enough to encounter the ghost of the fort’s keeper, who “takes his duties seriously, even from the grave.”

British “ghostbusters” explored a long-abandoned fort in Hampshire, hoping to witness some unexplained phenomenon. To this end, Ferguson and Kissel placed cameras around the perimeter of the building.

The two young people left one of them in the corridor of the building. When friends moved away from the recording device at a decent distance, their dog Sam began in every possible way to attract the attention of the owners and “lead” them to a certain place. Researchers of the paranormal immediately returned to the cell in the hallway and found a door that they had left open and closed.

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The friends did not even consider the draft version, because the door was very massive. Considering that except for the seekers of the otherworldly there was no one in the fort, the only explanation for what happened was a ghost.

Ferguson and Cassel decided that it was none other than the ghost of the caretaker, who “takes his duties seriously after death.” It is he, according to friends, who makes sure that everything in the building is according to the rules, but at the same time does not frighten visitors, correcting all the shortcomings quietly and unnoticed.


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