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Ghost Hunters Take A Portal Reference On a Wall Way Too Seriously, Assume It’s A Ghost [Video]

Ghost Hunters Take A Portal Reference On a Wall Way Too Seriously, Assume It’s A Ghost [Video] 1

Jim Pace and his paranormal hunting team, SPOOK (Sooner Paranormal Of Oklahoma), love to wander around searching for ghosts in an old abandoned building in Tulsa — so much so that they decided to show off their findings to a local news station. Too bad nobody thought to google the phrase they found written on the chalk board prior to airing.

According to Pace, they found the offending phrase written there. You can see it for yourself at about two and a half minutes into the below video. Watch it first, trust us:

Now, it would be one thing if they paid no mention to the Portal reference on the wall and just went about their business searching for spirits. But of course, these are ghost hunters we’re talking about, and so they latched onto the phrase pretty tightly and assumed it had something to do with the presence they were all feeling. Reporter Pete Knutson for Tulsa’s NBC affiliate puts it this way:

Other paranormal signs, Jim says? A message on a chalk board… someone or something, he says. wrote this message — “The Cake is a Lie,” which historically, Jim says, means the promised reward never happened. Meaning someone down here isn’t very happy.

Well, he’s not completely off base. Nobody got cake, after all.

Jim also says that he and his team wrote a message on the board to the ghosts, which said “What is your name?” Six months later they got a response, so clearly it must be a ghost and not some 15 year kids who snuck into an abandoned building late at night for fun and who really like to play video games in their spare time. After all, that would make way too much sense.

The SPOOK team claims that several ghosts do “live” in the building, including one that they call “Cowboy.” We think that next time they scope out the area, they should ask Cowboy about what to do when life gives you lemons. You know, just to see what he says.


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