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Gematria/Numerology of Notre Dame Fire: Marcon, FreeMasons, and More

Gematria/Numerology of Notre Dame Fire: Marcon, FreeMasons, and More 1
Here are a series of numerological reductions associated with this event. As always, discern for yourself and think critically.

Various historians, insiders, and whistleblowers claim that dark occult groups and forces have long controlled the planet and shaped its history. The preceding video offers some of this history in an effort to substantiate the notion of a powerful group working behind the scenes, sometimes called the Illuminati, the Deep State, the Order of the Black Sun, and so on. Properly identifying causes in reality is essential so as to lead a fulfilling life and work constructively to improve the world around you. We need accurate and complete knowledge. With this knowledge in hand, an individual can contend with the realities of malevolence, which will inexorably lead to an activation of the truth-seeking and freedom craving urges.


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