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Gallup poll: ‘Government is covering up UFOs’

Gallup poll: 'Government is covering up UFOs' 1

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A third of Americans believe that some UFOs are alien spacecraft. 

The majority of Americans believe that the US government knows more than it is letting on about UFOs.

With the ‘Storm Area 51’ event recently accruing millions of signups, interest in the topic of UFOs and what the government knows about them appears to be as high now as it has ever been.

In a recent poll, 68% of Americans thought that the US government is concealing information on the topic while only 29% believed that officials had shared everything they knew on the subject.

The result echoes a previous poll from 1996 in which 71% said yes to the same question.

According to Gallup, this result is consistent across all demographic groups.

In a separate poll, 33% of American adults believed that some UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin, while 60% remained skeptical – instead favoring the possibility of more conventional explanations.

16% even claimed to have seen a UFO themselves at some point in their lives.

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Overall, 86% of Americans reported that they had read or heard about the topic of UFOs.

Whatever the explanation for such sightings, it appears as though the phenomenon has become well and truly ingrained in the nation’s consciousness.



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