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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Fulfilling Prophecy, Church Considers Peter the Roman as Next Pope

Fulfilling Prophecy, Church Considers Peter the Roman as Next Pope 1

Pope Benedict XVI‘s successor: Church shift to developing world could see first black Pope … Two Africans are among the early contenders to succeed Pope Benedict XVI, reflecting the dramatic shift of the Roman Catholic Church to the developing world [including] Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: There is nothing to priestly prophecies regarding the pope and the Illuminati doesn’t exist.

Free-Market Analysis: According to various prophecies, the next pope may be the last one and usher in the era of the anti-Christ. That pope is to be known as Peter the Roman.

The main set of prophecies regarding papal succession is the Prophecy of Popes, 112 short predictions in Latin that supposedly explain the history of popes to come, beginning with Pope Celestine II.

Benedictine Arnold de Wyon in 1595 was the author of the Prophecy of Popes but his writing claims that Saint Malachy, a 12th-century Archbishop of Armagh was the actual composer.

The Prophecy is very accurate before 1590 but far less accurate afterward, leading some to decide that the Prophecies were composed and released around that time period.

Nontheless, the Prophecy of Popes has continued to occupy the public mind and the current pope, Benedict XVI, is seen as the second-to-last pope. The list finishes with a pope know only as “Peter the Roman.” His pontificate will usher in the destruction of the city of Rome and the Apocalypse.

For this reason alone, if not for any other, one would assume Church elders would at least try to make sure that the new pope was something other than Peter. No such luck. One of the leading contenders is Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, who would be the Church’s first black pope.

Of course, as we learn from the UK Telegraph “Given the highly secretive nature of the conclave of the College of Cardinals that chooses popes, predicting the decision is an uncertain business.”

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But could a “Peter” really be picked? Here’s some more from the article:

… The early bookmaker’s favourite, Cardinal Turkson is currently president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. He is regarded as a very able communicator, and given that Pope Benedict’s age was the key factor in his decision to retire, Cardinal Turkson’s relative young age of 64 could count in his favour.

“My guess is they will probably look for something different,” said Lord Alton, the Liberal life peer. “I am personally impressed by someone like Turkson. There is no tokenism about him. He is a very able man and deeply compassionate regarding pastoral work. It would be a courageous decision but they do sometimes take risks.”

We can see a Peter is being seriously considered. This brings up another issue, which is whether Church officials are actively mimicking papal prophecy on purpose. In other words, certain elements of the Church may WANT to fulfill certain “prophecies” for certain reasons.

This fits with our theory that Majick Arts and certain prophecies generally are part of a larger dominant social theme used by the elites to propagate superstition and awe. People are willing to ascribe all sorts of ghastly things to those in charge behind the scenes, and we figure some of these belief structures may be cultivated by the powers-that-be.

We can surely see this in the so-called Illuminati symbolism that is increasingly rife in Western culture. There are various theories as to why the top elites encourage this sort of Masonic imagery but our suspicion has always been that it simply suits the top elites to propagate this sort of occult signage.

But at the very top, we don’t think the elites believe much of anything. They seem to be master manipulators and are apt to USE modern or Biblical prophecy to their advantage.

While we won’t speculate as to how various prophecies came into being, we do think the power elite is not averse to taking advantage of them to help push forward its cause of global governance. We think, for instance, that the powers-that-be want to make Jerusalem an independent holy city with its own laws and power base – just as the City of London is. If mimicking or accommodating Biblical prophecy can help in this quest, then so be it.

We also tend to believe in the possibility of a so-called Black Church. Like any other organization in this day and age, the Catholic Church, a tremendously powerful and wealthy organization, is surely penetrated by those promoting globalism. Again, these individuals are surely not averse to using the fulfillment of prophecy to incite superstition and awe that accommodates its goals and encourages their fulfillment.

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Conclusion: We personally hope that the Church does not appoint anyone named Peter. But we wouldn’t be surprised.


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