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From Pandemic to Aliens: Evolution of the Path to Establishing a “World Government”

From Pandemic to Aliens: Evolution of the Path to Establishing a "World Government" 1
Photo: Pixabay

Dr. Matthew Maavak, Malaysian expert in risk forecasting and management, has published a rather interesting look at the events taking place in the world. It seemed to me interesting to translate his article to show that there are different views on these events – a pandemic and the recognition of the existence of UFOs.

The reaction to Covid has shown that the model of “unity through crisis” of the global ruling class has backfired. As talk of UFOs intensifies, are they hoping that humanity can be united by an extraterrestrial threat? 

When imposed theories fail, sharp reversals are inevitable. The Global Ministry of Truth is now openly promoting the theory of the leak from the Wuhan laboratory, when it is not engaged in the destruction of the favorites of the past “corona-apocalypse.” 

One of them is British epidemiological mathematician Professor Neil Ferguson, whose model of Covid-19 infection became the basis of a 3.5-hour pandemic simulation called Event 201 in October 2019. Up to 65 million people are projected to die from this infection. Unsurprisingly, the common denominator of both predictions was the ubiquitous Microsoft, which helped “clean up” Ferguson’s code. Experts and politicians around the world, naturally, “listened to science”, reflecting the teenager’s hysteria over another supposedly existential problem. 

However, links are now being removed from the Google search maze informing us that Ferguson’s code was actually a “bunch of silly bugs” which, according to one data expert, “looked more like a bowl of angel hair pasta than a polished piece programming “. This is what our endless lockdowns and mandatory vaccination programs have been based on. exactly on this set of code, which turned out to be “absolutely goofy”. 

The ruling class’s model of “unity through crisis” is backfiring, and trust in their political puppets reaches new depths. The “cyber pandemic” predicted by the World Economic Forum, if it ever occurs, will only reinforce growing public skepticism. Moreover, such an event will only prove that the building blocks of the WEF Great Reset were actually built on the “Pastafarian” codes of Big Technologies. 

It’s not just our cyber systems that are reeling on dubious foundations; all of our global systems are ready for a massive fall. Instead of unity, multiple planetary crises lead to social divisions of unprecedented proportions. Humanity can no longer be united through internal crises. The Great Reset Project must be saved by something more exogenous … perhaps something extraterrestrial? Coincidentally, the main flow of information is moving in this direction. 

Many years ago, the author developed two interrelated scenarios that could lead to global order in the face of chaos caused by elitism. Now we will dive into this bizarre world …

Pentagon Reveals of Alien UFOs 

On the eve of the release of the unclassified Pentagon Report on Unidentified Air Phenomena (UAP) – a new euphemism for aliens and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) – there has been a confusing series of mainstream admissions about their existence. During a late night show in May, former US President Barack Obama said that “when it comes to aliens, there are some things I just can’t tell you on the air,” and then confirmed that objects that defied physics. 

This confession was complemented by more bizarre statements. According to Luis Elizondo, former director of the Aerospace Advanced Threat Intelligence Program (AATIP) of the US military, aliens are fascinated by the nuclear technology of earthlings (despite the disasters in Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island). 

Hold that thought for a second: Is it logical for aliens to waste galactic time, travel, and resources to ferret out the secrets of our primitive nuclear capabilities? We don’t even have a prototype to fly to Mars with a nuclear engine, let alone the ability to overcome the obstacles associated with fusion and solid fuel reactors. According to Elizondo’s estimates, modern UFO technologies may be ahead of us “by 50-1000 years …”. Technologically speaking, this is a wildly estimated timeline that spans eons, between the eras of supersonic and Star Trek. In addition, when the first UFO sightings were recorded almost a century ago, they seemed many years ahead of us. 

This has now become the main subject of study. While vaccine skeptics are viciously trolled and censored as conspiracy theorists on earth, caricatured claims that the “Galactic Federation” of aliens are working overtime for the ultimate good of humanity are not so constrained. General Haim Eshed, the former head of Israel’s military space division, even claims that the US and Israeli governments were involved in this interstellar project. According to the general, the aliens “have signed a contract with us to conduct experiments here,” but earthlings should not worry, since the aliens simply want to involve them as “helpers” in their quest to “understand the universe.” 

It is difficult to see how the Israeli government can trust aliens, even if it is at war with its closest neighbors. Perhaps Ashed foresaw this question with the following rationale: “First they want to make us intelligent and understanding. They have waited until today for humanity to evolve and reach the stage where we understand what space and spaceships are.” If Ashhed had just looked at what was going on around him, it would have been clear to him that “sanity” and “US government” no longer fit together in the same sentence. 

However, for the purposes of scenario modeling, let’s take these revelations at face value. Questions arise, starting with comedic ones. Which Harvard lawyer eagle drew up this binding treaty with aliens when he was not perfecting the intricacies of critical race theory and the color taxonomy of humanity? Which court will act as an arbitrator? Why do aliens seek help from a fragmented, primitive species to “understand the universe” when their own technology is many years ahead? 

The choice of the United States as a galactic partner also puts these alleged aliens in a very disadvantageous light. Why were these benevolent entities silent when the United States waged a continuous war against most of humanity? Did the aliens agree that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction? Did they support the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s and the Free Syrian Army decades later? Did the aliens give them a smart idea to invade Iraq and Afghanistan? Should people evolve, be cleansed and educated through bloodletting and genocide? This is the Darwinian worldview of Adolf Hitler. 

If there is any truth in Eshed’s statements, then it should be concluded that the entities to which he refers are not benevolent. 

All in all, such mainstream confessions look like a badly written sci-fi story. They also contradict the theory that human evolution was accelerated by the intervention of aliens in human DNA, which gave rise to legends of “gods” in various religions. If they had such capabilities millions of years ago, according to the usual evolutionary scale, then the cure for Covid-19 would have been delivered yesterday. 

It is unlikely that the UFO report will unite humanity against an extraterrestrial enemy, as many globalists secretly hope – despite the USA Today headline, which reads: “UFOs did what Covid-19 never did: Republicans and Democrats united in Congress.” 

Likewise, any physical manifestation of “aliens” in the future can instinctively be viewed as the machinations of global elitists and their Big Tech partners. However, there is a special binary set of circumstances under which alien manifestations can be used to enforce global unity. 

Order Out of Chaos 

While the crowd in Davos is working on the Great Reset, the New World Order, or whatever, there is one nasty problem: almost none of them have the slightest trust anymore. Their only achievement so far has been 0.001% enrichment at the top with a growing horde of tenants. These sociopaths even have the audacity to claim that by 2030 we will “still be happy” with our serfdom. 

Therefore, it is logical to assume that any Great Reset will be inherently associated with the exposure and punishment of its architects. This would be a very welcome result for the vast powerless masses who have suffered for years the effects of Pastafarian technological promises, lockdown and propaganda regimes. A number of incriminating leaks may emerge that will expose the perpetrators of the crime. It can be overwhelming evidence of financial market rigging, pandemic fraud, and literal skeletons in the closet. Is it an accident that the global elite is now feverishly censoring freedom of speech under the pretext of fighting “fake news”? By 2030, they will need total control, and they are running out of time. 

The fight against the Great Reset will be remade into a populist revolution to correct all the mistakes committed against humanity. The “never again” chorus may sound again, this time without tribal boundaries. From this populist cauldron, a great unifier, a world leader, could emerge who will unite humanity and rebuild our shattered societies within an entirely new global order – perhaps with the supposed help of alien entities. Let’s face it: a desperate generation is a gullible generation. 

If this scenario sounds absurd, keep in mind that it is broadly in tune with the biblical eschatology of the end times. Otherwise, it makes no sense for Pope Francis to declare that he is ready to baptize aliens when the moment comes. Baptism is a formal act of initiation into the Christian faith; the act of believing in the ultimate salvation of all “people” (“anthropos” in the original Greek text of 1 Timothy 4:10 and similar verses). The word “anthropos” refers exclusively to humans and not to extraterrestrial beings. Is the Pope hatching the idea of ​​a new universal religion along with a new universal society?

This hybrid “plan of universal salvation” is repeated to some extent in Isaac Asimov’s trilogy “Foundation”. In Asimov’s series, two separate galactic civilizations were created for the long-term survival of humanity. One based on science and technology ultimately failed; the other, based on psychic magic, succeeded. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to combine both paradigms if it were possible? 

In the end, however, the current UAP talk may be directed towards very mundane targets. As the Intelligencer writes:

“Perhaps after spending over $ 1.6 trillion on the disastrous F-35, spending over $ 2.26 trillion on the war in Afghanistan, and facing low budget volumes for 2021, the Pentagon just wants to find a compelling reason to demand more money.” 

Aliens or not, global order cannot be achieved without an omnipotent and omniscient military. Raise your budget, Scotty! 


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