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Friends posed for a bachelorette party photo, not suspecting that a screaming ghost was hiding behind their backs

Late last year, 30-year-old Rebecca Glassborough hosted six of her friends. And although the evening was wonderful, all the memories of him were darkened by one photograph. Now the girl is sure that a ghost lives in her apartment.

Rebecca from Coventry, UK, suffered from insomnia for months. This is due to one photograph that can convince even the most ardent skeptics of the existence of ghosts. The picture was taken during home gatherings of Glassborough and six of her friends. Everyone is smiling and holding drinks in their hands. One snag – it seems that the figures in the frame are not seven, but eight.

Photo © Rebecca Glassborrow

The picture somehow captured a gaunt woman with long dark hair. An eerie silhouette stands behind a crowd of girls. After examining the frame at the party, Rebecca immediately remembered rumors that a few years ago in one of the apartments of the house a tenant died right in the bathroom. Now she is certain: the restless ghost of a drowned woman wanders through the apartments and frightens everyone.

Photo © Rebecca Glassborrow

Goosebumps run down my spine from this photo. She’s really really creepy. We thought, “Oh, what is this?” Very strange. We all got a little scared, looked around, as if asking what it could be. But they did not see anything – the silhouette appeared only in the photograph. Some recognized her as a girl with brown hair.

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Rebecca Glassborough

More than half a year has passed since then, and now Rebecca and her friends are just joking about that strange case, but this was not always the case. For the first months, the girl could hardly fall asleep at night, recalling the creepy ghost of the woman in the photo, according to the Daily Star.


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