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Aliens & UFO's

Former US President Bill Clinton said there is life in space, UFOs “fly around”

Former US President Bill Clinton said there is life in space, UFOs "fly around" 1

Former US President Bill Clinton said that in space there is what “you can call life.” He gave such a comment while participating in the program “Live with Kelly and Michael”. 

When asked if the UFOs were real, Clinton noted that the US government has not proven their existence, but expressed confidence that “things are flying there that we have not yet fully identified.”

“Keep in mind that there are billions of galaxies in the ever-expanding universe ,” Clinton added, as quoted in The Sun.

“I think there is a possibility that somewhere out there is what you would call life,” he concluded. 

On the eve of the former director of the Pentagon’s classified program for the collection and analysis of data on “anomalous aerospace threats” Luis Elizondo said that UFOs had a direct impact on US nuclear installations. 

Earlier, former US President Barack Obama told during the evening show The Late Late Show with James Corden that he knows about UFOs. 

He admitted that he asked about the existence of laboratories where samples of aliens or their spaceships can be stored. However, after that, Obama admitted the presence of materials on which objects move in an inexplicable way.

In April 2021, the Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of footage of a UFO that flew over a warship off the coast of Southern California. 

A spokeswoman for the department, Susan Gough, explained that the fragments are part of an upcoming investigation, and the documentary director Jeremy Corbell shared the leak.


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Aliens & UFO's

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