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Former senior officials of the US Department of Defense warn UFO “Hostile Foreign Technology” far exceeds ours

Former senior officials of the US Department of Defense warn UFO "Hostile Foreign Technology" far exceeds ours 1

If US bureaucrats ignore the UFO evidence, there will be consequences, warns former British official Nick Pope, Fox News reported.

“If it happened because skeptical bureaucrats were just saying to themselves, ‘This can’t be, therefore it isn’t,’ then there must be retribution,” says Nick Pope, who worked for the UK Department of Defense as a government employee for over two decades and researched reports of UFO sightings.

Pope responded to comments made for the New York Post by Luis Elizondo, former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Detection Program. In his comments, Elizondo raised the question of the possibility that so-called UFOs are actually “hostile foreign technology that has for decades managed to bypass us and elude all 18 members of the intelligence community, despite our best human intelligence, signal and visual intelligence. and so on and so forth”.

“It would be,” Luis Elizondo told the New York Post, “an intelligence error that would outshine everything this country has ever faced, especially if it has been for decades. District of Columbia, that’s a problem.”

UFOs exist, but the government doesn’t want you to know about it, Elizondo says, a former Pentagon official who said he ran the “Unidentified Air Phenomena” (UAP) program.

In 2008, Elizondo entered the UFO project of the Ministry of Defense and served as the project leader from 2010 to 2017. He bluntly said: “I am not a UFO fan. I am an investigator, and my job is only to collect data and tell the truth.”

Elizondo, who says he participated in the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in 2008 and led it from 2010 to 2017, revealed shocking things he claims to have learned about.

As part of his work, Elizondo said he had access to Pentagon UFO data and interviewed military personnel who faced “unidentified aerial phenomena” almost “daily.” Some pilots said their fighters “nearly collided” with a strange “cube-shaped sphere.” 

Elizondo scrutinized all this evidence, including radar data and electro-optical data, which showed that the unknown object flew 60 miles in five seconds and descended at 14 miles per second.

“Do the math,” Elizondo told the New York Post. “You will see that it is very fast.”

Elizondo tried to share chilling evidence with skeptics who shunned his research, which he likened to a “9/11 intelligence failure.” Elizondo allegedly pushed his superiors, including General James “Reservoir Dog” Mattis, to take his discoveries seriously. He also claims that “very senior” officials did not allow him to inform Mattis, and he left the Pentagon in frustration.

But Elizondo never stopped researching UFOs and publishing information about what he found. 

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“The level of interest is reaching critical mass,” he said. “I think government officials are realizing that it would be like putting the cat back in the bag or putting the toothpaste back in the tube. Now that the government has recognized the reality of the UFO [or UAP, which is synonymous with UFO] … it will be really hard to give it up.”

Another strange suspicion is that most of these UFOs were found near nuclear facilities. Elizondo believes that this poses a serious threat to US national security.

Eric Davis, a scientist at NASA, also said that UFOs have never disappeared. 

“They are still appearing and causing aviation damage. They will appear in the middle of the flight operations of US military aircraft, which is very dangerous.”

Elizondo also revealed that the technology of these UFOs far exceeds human technology. 

“The way these UFOs take off has surprised rational engineers.”

He said that when flying at a speed of 11,000 mph, some UFOs can quickly turn right and then turn around instantly. The U.S. fighter jet with a top speed of 2,100 mph may need to fly over half of Ohio to make a U-turn.

There are also some UFOs that can fly up to 50 feet above the earth’s surface, or at an altitude of 80,000 feet, or even dive underwater, but their performance will not be affected in any way.

Elizondo said: “These UFOs have no wings, no cockpit, no control tower, and no rivets that are often found in human facilities on their external structure, or even obvious signs of engine propulsion. However, these flying objects can Fly freely without being restricted by the gravity of the earth.”

He also talked about the gravity that the human body can withstand under normal circumstances is between 9 gravity (Gs) and 3 gravity (Gs), and it can only withstand the pressure of 9 gravity for a short period of time. American F-16 fighter jets will experience structural failure under the pressure of 17 gravity.

However, these UFOs can fly normally under the pressure of 600 gravity, which is obviously far beyond the physical limit of any life on earth.

Nick Pope, the former head of the UFO project at the British Ministry of Defense, also said that this shows that the advanced technology used by UFOs is a technology that humans are far from mastering.

“Every day it seems like new information is emerging that is not being shared with the public or the media,” Nick Pope said on the Tucker Carlson Show on Friday. 

For example, former director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, just mentioned the other day that satellite imagery of all of this and some of the reported speeds seem to disprove the theory of these objects being alien drones emerging from the water.

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Pope said the expected June report should provide clear explanations for UFO encounters, and that Congress should pay close attention to it as well.

“The data comes from pilots, radar operators, satellite data, measurements and signature intelligence,” he said. “There is so much information now, so much, that the US Navy has instructions for its pilots on what to do if they encounter these things. Now, I think as we enter May, when this report is being prepared for Congress, there will be a lot of things going on behind the scenes, a lot of politicking … and I expect more leaks of information, photos, videos, documents. There is a lot more here. “

US Navy discussed the existence of submarine UFO bases

Specialists in the US Navy discussed the likelihood of the existence of submarine bases, from which UFOs take off, which are often seen around American warships. This was stated by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, specializing in unidentified objects. He believes that UFOs are “transmedium”, that is, they are able to move both through water and air.

“If aliens wanted to establish an “embassy” on Earth, it would most likely be under water. UFOs would move freely between such bases,” Corbell told the Daily Star.

Corbell’s sources in the Navy claim that when UFOs were detected, the military always observed circles or bubbles on the water, which only confirms the researcher’s theory.


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