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Former president declares that he boarded an extraterrestrial ship

Former president declares that he boarded an extraterrestrial ship 5

The president of the World Chess Federation has been repeatedly declaring entering a UFO.

Former president declares that he boarded an extraterrestrial ship 6

During the last elections of the World Chess Federation held last year, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who held the position from 1995 to 2018, was overtaken by Gary Kasparov.

Kasparov, who is a legend of the sport, won with a difference of 40 votes and during his campaign, he used the continuous statements given by Ilyumzhinov about UFOs against him.

Ilyumshinov was also the president of the Republic of Kalmukia from 1993 to 2010. In 1997, while reading in the hall of his apartment located in Moscow, he said he lived one of his strangest experiences.

At that moment the windows of his balcony opened and an unknown voice began to call him by his name. Ilymshinov declared that he had entered a genuine alien spacecraft.

The former president said he saw a kind of ramp with many lights, which was right on the edge of his terrace and reached a flying ship.

The man dared to walk down the ramp until he entered the ship, where he came to talk with beings covered by strange yellow suits.

Former president declares that he boarded an extraterrestrial ship 7

Everything seems to indicate that the man’s assistants also observed the unidentified flying object before it disappeared into the air and Ilyumzhinov returned home.

This news generated a great scandal in the country, to the point that members of parliament declared to feel worried about the mental health of the president, coming to question his abilities to manage a country.

In addition, they decided to begin an investigation to reveal Ilyumzhinov’s claims and, if true, to investigate the different secrets that the state kept in relation to aliens and what their intentions could be behind.

However, that is not all, the former president had already given several controversial statements on the subject, even ensuring that chess could have been taught to humans by beings from other worlds.

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In order to support his argument, Ilymzhinov relies on the different traditional games around the world in which the board is 64 black and white squares, and the rules are similar.

How is it possible that cultures from all over the world, even in ancient times, knew such a similar game? Leave your comment below.


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