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Fact or fiction

Former NASA employee: “I saw some humans on Mars”

Any person claiming to have seen humans on Mars could be considered crazy. But what if there are very reliable testimonials? Could these statements be real and sincere? Follow this story. Jackie, a former NASA employee involved in the Viking mission, said he saw two men working on Mars in 1979.

human on mars coverup

Mars: this image taken by the Rover Curiosity has been deliberately retouched by NASA making it out of focus. What is the US Space Agency hiding from us?

Former CIA pilot John Lear said that humans are most likely on Mars. Moreover, Andrew Basiago, the most famous chronicler in the world, has incredibly supported these statements by stating that a colony of human beings has been working for years on the planet Mars.

domed buildings on Mars

Domed buildings on Mars

John Lear said that the humans that Jackie saw in 1979 were most likely cleaning up the Viking rover. In fact John during his mission noticed a very curious detail that seems to support this whole story. John had noticed in fact that the solar panels had been covered by a lot of dust and a few days later they were completely clean, as if someone had approached and removed the dust.

humans on Mars

humans on Mars (1)

There seems to be more and more clear evidence of the presence of humans on Mars and a further confirmation would come from the images taken by the Opportunity probe that seem to show two human figures. Looking at the photographs published in this article, the questions seem to increase: is it a game of shadows? Or is the American Space Agency hiding from us something big? Will we ever know the truth to the end?

Following the service of Fernando Correa, dedicated to this story of the Cosmic Top Secret on Mars. The document was broadcast on TercerMilenio TV, broadcast by UFO journalist and investigator Jaime Maussan.

Fact or fiction

Man behind US Navy demonstrates exotic UFO patents

Pais UFO designs

The engineer responsible for several exotic ‘UFO technology’ patents spoke to the media for the first time.

Man behind UFO patents
Is that what they are trying to build in the end? (Image not related to the patents mentioned in the article.)

Among them, there was a ‘hybrid-underwater aerospace‘ capable of unmatched maneuverability in and out of water – something that looks a lot like the ‘Tic-Tac’ UFO chased by pilots during the infamous USS Nimitz incident in 2004.

Similar patents have also been filed for a ‘high frequency gravitational wave generator’, an ‘electromagnetic force field generator’ and even a ’spacecraft using an inertial mass reduction device’.

Then, in October 2019, it was revealed that the same engineer had patented a new type of nuclear fusion reactor compact and revolutionary.

Often seen as the Holy Grail of power generation, nuclear fusion is the same process that produces energy in the Sun and works by fusing hydrogen nuclei to create helium. Unlike nuclear fission that comes with the inherent risk of collapse, fusion is much cleaner and safer, while the hydrogen fuel used by the process is so abundant that it is virtually unlimited.

Now, finally, after many months of refusing to answer questions, the man behind these exotic patents – Salvatore Cezar Pais – has finally responded to emails sent through the website The War Zone.

Dr. Pais is certainly well qualified, having previously worked as an aerospace engineer in the Navy Naval Systems Command, before moving on to the Navy Strategic Systems Programs.

In an interview for the Drive, he emphasized that he was confident about the validity of his inventions.

He wrote:

The fact that my work on the design of a Compact Fusion Reactor has been accepted for publication in a prestigious magazine such as the IEEE TPS, should speak volumes about its importance and credibility – and should eliminate (or at least alleviate) all the misconceptions that you (or anyone else) can have regarding the veracity (or possibility) of my advanced physics concepts.

Who is Salvatore Caesar Pais?

Many began to wonder if Salvatore Caesar Pais was even real. Reporters found that Pais received a bachelor’s degree in 1990 and a master’s degree in 1993 in mechanical engineering. There is also evidence that he received a Ph.D. from Case-Western Reserve University in 1999.

Also, there is an image allegedly depicting Pais on a Chinese news blog that also covered patent history.

The alleged image of Salvatore Pais, standing among the large Super Hornet and Growler models.

The alleged image of Salvatore Pais, standing among the large Super Hornet and Growler models.

For many years, scientists have sought to create such superconductors, zero-resistance electrical circuits that generate powerful electromagnetic fields. Most superconductors require incredibly low temperatures, however, which makes them impractical for most applications outside of laboratories or other carefully controlled environments.

As Pais noted in his 2019 AIAA presentation, achieving room temperature superconductivity (RTSC) is a very disruptive technology that can completely change the paradigm in science and technology, and added that its military and commercial value is significant.

Actually, one of the patents

Actually, one of the patents

Several recent experiments in the field of high-temperature superconductivity have had some preliminary success, which suggests that this once inaccessible technology may become available in further research. In a 2019 article, Nature published a summary of high-pressure superconductivity at room temperature and reported that “it seems more likely than ever that the dream of superconductivity at room temperature can be realized in the near future” and that “experimental data now confirms superconductivity at higher temperatures than ever before. “

Thedrive reporters spoke with Dr. Mark Gubrood, a physicist at the University of North Carolina, who holds a Ph.D. in ultra-low temperature and nanoscale experimental physics.

“In the past, I attended“ free energy ”and“ cold fusion ”conferences, and I came across very similar statements. The statement that he has developed or knows how to develop a room temperature superconductor is eternal; as well as statements based on some confusing physics to change space, inertial mass, or the laws of motion. Such things can be seen in meetings and publications, which are a crazy hobby industry, which is mainly associated with the vanity of its participants. “

“Pais’s patents would be considered by most physicists to be nonsense, but there will always be those who can believe it.”

“Pais uses pretty complicated babble to make this sound believable to those who know how real physics sounds, but he doesn’t understand much of it himself. Which probably applies to most patent experts, journalists and the Navy itself.”

If this is nonsense, why did the US Navy “cling to it” like that?

Despite months of research, it is still unclear why the fleet is fighting so fiercely for these patents.

If the U.S. Navy really managed to develop workable room temperature superconductors and electromagnetic force fields, these technologies would revolutionize the war in ways unknown before, not to mention the fact that they led to a paradigm shift in civilian technology. Nevertheless, the biggest question remains: if the fleet really possesses these technologies or thinks that they will become available in the near future, why publish patents?

Given all this, it is entirely possible that these patents are part of some ongoing information campaign aimed at sowing doubt among our opponents and even causing confusion among the American population.

For example, the United States and China are in a new technology arms race. Part of this race involves the production of misinformation to force the enemy to invest resources, both intelligence and research and development, which ultimately lead to a dead end.

In general, these patents certainly add only mystery to the increasingly complex narrative mosaic, which comes directly from the Navy, and which began just when a new era began, the so-called “competition of great powers.”

At the same time, perhaps this is an exciting attempt by the Pentagon to try to understand and imitate the mysterious and, it would seem, highly developed ships, which are supposedly increasingly seen near their own aircraft.

Also, it is worth considering that a breakthrough in a very exotic engine could still be made and that the fleet is ready to invest a lot of money in order to see their further progress. Or, nevertheless, this is a case of wasteful, erroneous, or even directly corrupt spending on ideas that have no real chance to pay off in the future.

The bottom line is that after several months of investigations, referring directly to the fleet and all those involved, it is not clear what the US Navy came up with. The existence of these patents and the main documentation that were revealed only made it all the more confusing.

“But we are not going to stop there”, the authors of the article finalize.

By the way, the device in the patent is very reminiscent of those same “flying triangles, because of which, for a decent time, ufologists are going crazy.

Does this mean that all of the patents mentioned will actually be served in the real world? Probably not, but if one of them does, it will certainly be interesting to see it in action.

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Fact or fiction

Did a demon cause the death of the paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari?

Indian paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari died on July 7, 2016 under ‘mysterious’ circumstances circumstances at his Delhi apartment. His wife Arya says Tiwari was upset because a “negative” spirit was troubling him. His death still puzzles many who doubt that supernatural powers have been involved in it.

The lives of paranormal phenomenon researchers are often interesting, but tense. For example, they visit abandoned cellars and houses, in an attempt to capture a ghost, visit geopathic areas to meet people who believe they are possessed by demons, personally observe the manifestations of entities, etc.

Often in their daily lives, they become witnesses of paranormal manifestations, as if they “awakened” evil spirits during their work. Sometimes, this “something” causes their illnesses, even death.

Vadim Chernobrov

For example, the most famous Russian ufologist Vadim Chernobrov is said to have been killed by radiation in one of the many anomalous areas in which he travelled. However, the strange death of Indian explorer Gaurav Tiwari may be linked to an attack by an evil spirit or demon.

Gaurav Tivari

Gaurav Tiwari was a man of incredible destiny. In his youth, he was a movie actor. He then left for the US and decided to become a pilot. He studied in Texas, and then in Florida, and there, for the first time, he encountered paranormal phenomena, after which he radically changed his profession.

Paranormal phenomena appeared in the apartment he had rented in Florida. When Gaurav began to study the history of this home, he came to the conclusion that it was the naughty ghost of a young girl who died in the same apartment.

Prior to this incident, Tiwari was not simply not interested in the supernatural, but he was generally considered a skeptic and did not believe in ghosts or evil spirits. But after studying paranormal phenomena, he left his career as a pilot and returned to his native home, India.

There, he soon became one of the most famous local researchers of anomalous phenomena, and especially of ghosts. Gaining experience, Tiwari received a certificate from the American Paranormal Association of Paranexus Researchers.

He then studied hypnosis, became a medium specialist, and became an expert in numerous television programs, and more.

“Something” weird was taken in this photo with Gaurav Tiwari (on the left)

Tivari traveled the world, visited many places where he saw ghosts and UFOs. He compiled a vast archive of 6,000 eyewitness accounts. His career was developing extremely fast, but it ended on July 8, 2016.

The same night, a 32-year-old man was at his house in Delhi, India. Everyone in the house slept, and he went to the bathroom and locked the door. His family members woke up when loud knocks were heard from the bathroom and it soon became clear that Gaurav was inside.

The door was locked from the inside. Strange knocks were heard for some time, but Tiwari did not hear or answer his family’s questions. Suddenly everything subsided, and people finally managed to break the door and get inside.

They saw the young man lying on the floor, face down, in a helpless state. When he was rushed to the hospital, he was still alive, but all attempts to bring him to consciousness were unsuccessful. It got worse and worse, he couldn’t breathe and died soon.

The cause of his death has never been determined. It is only officially stated that he died of suffocation with no injuries detected on or inside his body, except for a frightening dark strip at his neck.

None of the doctors could understand where this bruise came from. It was not like the standard bruise of a hanging attempt. When they found the body lying on the floor in the bathroom, there was nothing on his neck.

The Tiwari family stubbornly rejects the belief that the man committed suicide. He had no financial problems, on the contrary, his career was going up. Most recently, he had appeared on the cover of Youth Incorporated magazine and in Syfy TV’s Ghosts of Australia. His personal life was also blooming as he had recently got married.

Tiwari has never said that he was thinking of suicide or that he had any problems. His death was completely unexpected and shocking to all who knew him.

The only clue came a month after his death, when the researcher’s father said that shortly before his death, Gaurav had shared his troubled thoughts with his young wife. He told her that he felt some sort of negative force trying to control him. The wife told his father about it, but decided it was all due to fatigue.

When this information leaked to media, versions began to emerge that Gourav may have been killed by dark forces, most likely by a demon. Tiwari had visited many cursed houses, hotels and other places where ghosts were seen. He may have accidentally “taken” something with him.

Then it turns out that just a day before his death, Gaurav Tiwari visited an obsessed girl in Dheneykperi district of Delhi. Could it be that during this meeting, the evil spirit had passed from the girl into Tiwari’s body? There have been similar cases in the history of paranormal phenomena when demons changed receiver.

Roy Chakraverti, a Delhi-based Indian supernatural phenomena researcher, thinks that’s exactly what happened to Tiwari. According to him, Gauraev “took” too much to himself and failed to cope with the pressure of darkness.

Another Indian researcher, Wagar Raj, has a similar version. According to him, ghosts or evil spirits cannot kill a person directly, but they can cause a lot of “inconvenience” if that person is already fragile and has a weak aura.

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Fact or fiction

Are Aliens to blame for the extinction of dinosaurs?

Official science says that the huge lizards that once inhabited our planet became extinct about 65-66 million years ago. There are many versions of the death of these large reptiles, but the most probable theory is considered to be the fall of a huge asteroid, which changed the axis of the Earth’s inclination, provoked volcanic activity with the release of millions of tons of ash into the atmosphere and, as a result, a decrease in temperature on our planet. According to this classic version, cold-blooded dinosaurs simply could not adapt to climate change, unlike warm-blooded mammals, and eventually died out, leaving only petrified skeletons in their memory.

For hundreds of millions of years, dinosaurs dominated the Earth, capturing and subjugating new territories. Centuries were replaced by millennia, and these huge animals knew no equal in strength and development. But one day the world changed. Aliens came to Earth who destroyed the dinosaurs and thus prepared the planet for the life of more intelligent creatures.

Dinosaurs – the inhabitants of a different star system

According to scientists, the last dinosaur of the Earth died 66 million years ago. Destruction began with the fall of several large asteroids of large mass, which launched the mechanism of mass extinction. A recent study claims that the fall of the asteroid group was the “final blow” in the totality of previous events.

Before the fall of a huge asteroid in the province of Yucatan, Mexico, our planet was already exhausted by various natural disasters. The destruction was carried out by intense seismic and volcanic activity, huge fluctuations in sea level, as well as extreme temperature changes. A whole group of climatic factors caused the destruction of the food chain of dinosaurs, which began to suffer from hunger.

On the other hand, the large asteroid caused powerful tsunamis, tectonic movements and a high level of radiation. The continental-sized fires that swept the surface of the entire planet significantly worsened the difficult situation. This killed any animal that could not find shelter underground or by water.

According to experts, if an asteroid had been exposed several million years before the climate deteriorated, everything could have turned out differently. In this case, there would be a huge food base, favorable for the life of dinosaurs. However, a number of unfortunate events occurred in the life of animals, where the asteroid crash occurred at a critical moment of their extreme weakness.

At the same time, some questions arose regarding the extinction of this species of huge inhabitants of the Earth. According to researchers, some descendants of dinosaurs managed to survive, such as crocodiles and birds. But the death of the dinosaurs took an interesting version.

Aliens destroyed the dinosaurs

There are more exotic versions of the end of giant dinosaurs. According to one of them, the dinosaurs were destroyed by aliens. Genetic experiments have been conducted on some with the goal of breeding a new intelligent race, similar to humans.

Supporters of the “conspiracy theory” believe that an experiment has turned out and the so-called “reptilians” still live in parallel with our civilization in underground tunnels and cities, occasionally catching the eye of frightened eyewitnesses. Others claim that the aliens exterminated the ancient reptiles in order to make way for the new”homo sapiens” project, that is, a rational person.

Back in the 50-60s of the twentieth century, the famous writer and archaeologist Alexander Kazantsev, excavating the cemetery of dinosaurs in the Gobi desert found the skulls of these huge animals with neat bullet holes. And on the well-known stones of Iki from South America, scenes of taming and hunting for dinosaurs are depicted, while people (or maybe anthropomorphic inhabitants of other planets) are not inferior to these giants in size.

What if the genocide of dinosaurs was carried out by aliens?

It is possible that gigantic lizards ran on the ground several thousand, or maybe hundreds of years ago. The American paleontologist Marie Schweizer opened several mass graves of ancient reptiles and felt a cadaverous smell and even found the remains of ligaments, blood vessels and soft tissues in the bones. After attempting to publish his research, Schweizer was expelled from the scientific community, banning further research.

Scientist Luis Alvarez during excavations discovered a very thin layer of precipitation over 54 million years old. Among the investigated material, a substance was discovered that is not a common component for the Earth. There have also been suggestions about the origin of this element, in which it is assumed that the material could have appeared due to consequences of nuclear bombing.

Other scientists have investigated substances found in dinosaur bones. The factor that attracted their attention is the high level of radioactivity that exists in the bones of dinosaurs.

All these factors led to the assumption that the true cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs is some advanced race from outer space. Moreover, this may not be the first “purge” that aliens conduct on Earth. And judging by the cycles of extinction, it can even be the fifth!

The reason aliens could be guided by destroying dinosaurs on the planet is because the animals posed a threat to their new human project. Aliens could prepare territories for the evolution and development of mankind in order to subsequently be able to provide a safe and reliable world for life.

It is reasonable to assume that the idea of ​​a human farm created by aliens is visible in this. However, in order to dominate the planet and subsequently give us the opportunity to live, it was necessary to replace the dinosaurs with another species.

Giants who may have had to fight or even “tame” dinosaurs were the kind in front of people. These giants were mentioned in the genesis, and there is some evidence for this, such as huge petrified footprints in the rocks.

Giant footprints

There are also some artifacts from our ancestors where you can see people fighting dinosaurs. That is why it is entirely possible that the gigantic humans created by the aliens had to fight the surviving dinosaurs who were able to survive the alien attack.

Stones with drawings where people fight dinosaurs

Some species of dinosaurs, such as Rex, were the ones that posed the greatest threat. For this reason, the giants had to make a choice of species that could survive. This allowed the survival of animals such as crocodiles and birds.

In addition, some researchers claim that there is a species of reptile, a descendant of these dinosaur races that were brought from outside the planet. This was done with the goal of performing hybridization experiments between dinosaurs and aliens.

This time was the beginning of the spread of those inhabitants of the planet who subsequently found refuge in underground bases created by them themselves. Today, some of them are called gnomes, others are trolls – and they looks fabulous. At the same time, there are many underground tunnels that cross our entire Earth.

There is no doubt that there was a race of reptilian-humanoid creatures on our planet before us. They had a lot of time to create tunnels under the sea and create huge underground cities. There are evidence and photographs of these underground tunnels that encircle the entire planet

Some believe that these projects have not lost their relevance, and strange experiments are still being conducted on Earth.

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