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Forget coca Cola: What kind of Santa Claus is expected this year?

Forget coca Cola: What kind of Santa Claus is expected this year? 1
A screenshot from the Posten Norge 2021 holiday commercial. Screenshot/Posten Norge

The Santa theme has already been exploited in the pandemic era. In a sensational Christmas ad from the Tesco supermarket, a TV announcer warns that Santa Claus will face quarantine upon arrival. But at passport control, Santa Claus triumphantly presents his covid passport with a QR code which means that Father Christmas is fully vaccinated, so everything will be fine with Christmas and gifts. 

Forget coca Cola: What kind of Santa Claus is expected this year? 2
Tesco’s advertisement caused outrage among a significant part of the audience.

We all wonder what Santa was vaccinated with? Pfizer-BioNTech? Moderna? Johnson & Johnson? Did he do a booster dose?

In Britain it was recently announced that the 4th vaccine dose is on the way, for vulnerable categories and the elderly. Father Christmas is quite old, and it turns out that he is also at risk?

The episode with Santa in the middle of the video:

The battle for customers and the competition soon brought a new bloc player – Norway.

In a four-minute Christmas advert, “Blue” Santa Claus kisses the lips of his admirer, a middle age man stuck in childhood. An advertisement that Santa has delegated responsibility for the delivery of gifts to the Norwegian post office in order to free up time for another pleasant communication.

The advertisement angered the audience, but due to political correctness and the danger of being accused of homophobia, the only thing they can afford is to oppose the “excessive sexualization” of a character beloved by children. 

Don’t make Santa a sex symbol, they timidly ask, and it doesn’t matter who he kisses with, the deer, or the Snow Maiden, this is overkill.

Soon this descendant of the Vikings will find out that there are seven more dwarfs, as well as Ali Baba and forty thieves.

Santa Claus has a snow woman, a snow maiden, a snowman – Santa Claus has no one, he is childless because of a different orientation. 

They will be given phalluses as gifts.- Don’t expect Santa this year! He’s busy with another chimney. 

In fact, everyone has already forgotten that Saint Nicholas is not a fabulous character, but religious and once his real prototype lived, even if it is a legend.

Nevertheless, we are worried about something else. Why is Claus and his boyfriend without a mask? Why is social distance not observed? What is the vaccination status of both? Will they pick up something from each other? We mean Omicron. Pandemic is the same for all.

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