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Follow Your Soul

Follow Your Soul 3

By Bob Mangroo omtimes
If you have a strong feeling for change, then your Soul is nudging you to enter the next level of your life; to break out of the mundane and go into excitement. To enter higher levels of your personal evolution is like a student going from one grade into a higher grade. There will be mixed emotions. On one level, you’re tired of the same old class, and, on another level, you wonder if you can handle the higher grades. Whenever we are ready to progress we will sense hesitation; this reluctance is fear. This foot dragging must be removed by your courage and willingness to give up the old. Fear has a deceitful side to it; sometimes you may not have fearful feelings, but fear will disguise itself and produce behaviors like laziness and procrastination. Watch out for this and keep your focus on moving forward toward your desires.

The part of you that’s pushing you to move forward is your Soul. And, the intellect produces fear and holds you back. Fear will convince you to build a cage, walk into the cage, lock yourself in, and then, throw away the only key. Fear is cunning. Fear wants to keep you restrained in life; while your Soul wants you to roam freely. Your Soul already knows what’s best for you, and it wants you to be aware of your greatness to achieve.

Follow Your Soul 4

Take a look at your life so far and ask; am I in stagnation or growth? Everyone has deeper talents, but many lack the courage to express those talents. Their intellect will convince them that their talents are not good enough, or, not practical. Your intellect is great for calculations and logic, but lacks imagination, and conceptual thinking. Therefore, it is very limiting when compared to your Soul. The intellect cannot, and does not, create visions for the future; this is the task for the Soul.

The intellect is locked in the past and can only function from memory. In other words, the intellect only has access to what has already happened, but the Soul has full access to all information of past, present and future potentials for you. Think of it this way, the intellect can only sing a song that has already been written. The Soul however, is already busy creating a new song. It loves to evolve and make new creations, as it is future oriented, meanwhile, the intellect simply moves around old information. Your Soul is future driven and your intellect is past driven. Your intellect will tell you that you’re a failure, and your Soul will tell you you’re a success. Your intellect will tell you that you’re weak, and your Soul knows that you are strong. Your intellect finds faults and your Soul is unconditional love.

Your Soul came into this physical experience to play, discover and express. And, the intellect will tell you to sit quiet and behave. Meanwhile, tricking you into thinking that you’re playing it smart and it is the practical thing to do. Your Soul sees you in a great light and knows that you are a powerful and beautiful human being. Whenever you feel excited you are in tuned with your Soul. And, when in fear you have been apprehended by the intellect. Do not listen to the intellect. Follow the voice of your Soul. It is your highest truth, your greatest goodness and your truest expression.

Your Soul wants to experience life to its fullest. Do not deny your Soul its request, for then, you will enter the dim world of regret. Follow the calling of your Soul and fear will fall away. Create your own path, express your own voice, leave a trail and climb the heights within yourself. There is more to you and more for you in life. Reject your fears immediately, and proclaim that you are ready, to be, and to do, what you are meant to be, and do, in this life.

Stop wasting your time on trivial activities and old habits; this is the trickery of fear. No longer give in to your fears. The inner gesture from your Soul to personally evolve is sacred and honoring; give it your utmost respect and attention. From now on travel your life path with your Soul as your true companion. And, you will be provided with all that you need. Your Soul will communicate with you through feelings of passion and joy. And, let this be a gentle and loving reminder that you are divinely guided at all times.


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