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Flying Saucers: Recapping Part of Their Stories

Flying Saucers: Recapping Part of Their Stories 1

As a “warm up” for this promising year, let’s look back at a short history of flying saucers.

Flying Saucers: Recapping Part of Their Stories

Although there are no indications in our history, theology, archeology, geology books that our world has been visited for thousands of years by UFOs, it is the modern UFO phenomenon that began in the 1940s and continues today that holds our attention.

UFOs are generally described by witnesses as round in shape, with a flat bottom and a dome at the top. In some cases, triangular or cylindrical UFOs are also spotted. They are usually small, 3 to 12 meters in diameter, have no wings, tails or external engines / turbines. They are also known for quietly maneuvering over areas, sometimes at low altitude, and sometimes hovering over an area and then suddenly exiting at extraordinary speed. They are very quiet, leave no trace, but often there is a glow around the object. They have the ability to suddenly appear and disappear, both visually and in the electromagnetic spectrum.

One of the largest UFOs to appear, was in the sky Chile in 1978. What gave credibility and authenticity to this sighting were the highly trained Air Force pilots of that country who got involved with this meeting. On December 16, 1978, two Chilean Air Force fighter jets were on a training mission when they encountered a gigantic UFO. When the UFO appeared on the radar of one of the jets, its size was estimated to be 10 or more aircraft carriers, meaning it was 3.4 kilometers. Thinking it was a radar defect, the pilot asked the other jet, which also confirmed the size. When they consulted the ground radar of a nearby airport, they also confirmed the enormous size. As they approached the UFO, it suddenly sped away, disappearing from view as well as the radar screens. The Chilean Air Force officially recognizes this encounter.

How did the name flying saucer come about?

On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a qualified pilot and federal officer, was looking for a transport aircraft that had crashed somewhere in the Cascade Mountains in Washington state. At about 2:00 pm that day, Arnold saw a formation of very bright objects coming from the direction of Mount Baker. Arnold estimated his speeds to be 2700 kilometers per hour. No aircraft at that time had the ability to reach this speed. Later, while commenting on the event with an Oregon newspaper reporter, Arnold said they did not fly like an aircraft, but instead flew like a saucer when being thrown parallel to the water (bouncing). He was just describing the flight pattern of the objects and not the objects themselves, but the press began to call them flying saucers. Later the term ‘UFO’ was adopted to describe them.

According to a UN statistic, since the 1940s, 150 million people in over 133 countries have reported UFO sightings.


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