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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Flash on the left! How to survive after nuclear explosions if the third world war starts?

Flash on the left! How to survive after nuclear explosions if the third world war starts? 1

There are many scenarios for our future. Unfortunately, today we are forced to consider even the worst scenarios, including the outbreak of a nuclear war. How to behave in this case in order to save life – yours and your loved ones?

There are currently five, let’s say, legitimate nuclear powers in the world (the so-called “nuclear club”):

  • USA
  • Russia
  • China
  • France
  • Britain

There are three more nuclear powers, for which there are no exact data on the volume of nuclear weapons:

  • DPRK
  • India
  • Pakistan

Well, there is also Israel, which denies the presence of nuclear weapons, but there are unconfirmed reports of their presence. There are still countries that have abandoned nuclear weapons but whether they still have them now is unknown.

How to survive after a nuclear explosion?

There are about 13,500 nuclear warheads in the world today, most of which belong to the United States and Russia. This amount is enough to wipe life from the face of the Earth. 

No one knows if nuclear weapons will ever be used, but it is necessary to have information, since it exists. You need to understand that there can only be general recommendations, since it all depends on the situation and where you are.

Damaging factors of a nuclear explosion

  • Light emission. It is visible, ultraviolet and infrared. Causes blinding, fires and burns.
  • Shock wave. It covers a distance of 3 km in 8 seconds. 
  • Penetrating radiation. The flow of gamma rays and neutrons emitted at the moment of a nuclear explosion. It destroys living tissues and is the cause of radiation sickness.
  • Radioactive infection. Occurs as a result of the fallout of radioactive substances from a nuclear cloud. Most of the precipitation that causes radioactive contamination of the area falls 10-20 hours after the explosion.
  • Electromagnetic impulse. A short-term powerful electromagnetic field that disables all electronics.

Basic actions after a nuclear explosion

How to survive after a nuclear explosion?

It is necessary to stock up on food and water for about 2 weeks, a first aid kit, communications equipment, hygiene products, batteries / flashlights, change of clothes and shoes, lighters / matches, phone chargers. Maybe the money will still be in circulation, so some cash will also come in handy. Personal identification documents may add to flexibility and the necessity for self-defense will be apparent sooner or later. It is absolutely great if there are at least some means of protection against radiation.

The impact will be reported by the warning system. At this moment, you can be anywhere. The first thing to do is find shelter, ideally, a bomb shelter. If it is not nearby, then any basement.

At home, it is best to hide in the bathroom. Acrylic tiles do not really help. When in any building, look for any place away from windows that can be protected from debris. An extreme measure is a doorway in a load-bearing wall. On the street, you also need to find something behind which you can hide, lie flat, covering your head with your hands. In nature, find any recess and lie down in it.

If there is a flash in your field of vision, it will take place a few seconds before the shock wave. You can’t look at it, neither the mushroom from the explosion – this leads to blindness.

When and where to go?

On the first day, the level of radiation is such that it is impossible to be on the surface. If you managed to survive after the explosion, being in a building or on the street, urgently look for shelter, as penetrating radiation will follow the explosion.

How to survive after a nuclear explosion?

The radioactive fallout will appear about 20 minutes after the explosion (assuming you were far enough away to survive after it, but at such a distance that you had to escape), so look for any opportunity to move away from the epicenter. Alerts will be turned on in major cities indicating directions to shelters.

After 10-15 minutes, enter any building, close all windows and doors as tightly as possible, change clothes, since the ones you are wearing are already a source of radiation. It is advisable to wash thoroughly.

In this shelter you need to sit for at least a day. Here you can use the means of communication (at least radios) to find out what is happening.

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After a day, move as far as possible from the epicenter and in search of camps for survivors. If you did not see flashes, then where the wave came from can be determined by the location of the blockages. You have to go very fast, it’s better to not stop.

A few days after the explosion, be aware of a deadly threat; dust with primary decay products, spread by the wind. Halts are best done on hills and should be very short. In no case should you sit down and lie down on the ground. If it rains, hide anywhere, just don’t get caught in it.

Watch for any alerts on reception and support points and head to them. Once there, take all the drugs that you will be given, change clothes again, wash yourself and remember all the post-apocalyptic novels and movies that you know because you have just became their hero.

Let this information forever remain only a theory that will never become handy in life!


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