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Five Steps for Spiritual Awakering and Understanding Our Lives

Five Steps for Spiritual Awakering and Understanding Our Lives 1

Awakening to our Spirit is touching, but it can also be disturbing – at least from the point of view of our ego – so sometimes we are tempted to continue as if everything were the same.

Once the awakening begins, however, we can not ignore it too much. Just like a crack in a door that opens to an entirely new part of our being and the Universe we live in, we are finally constrained to observe what hidden aspects of life attract, call us.

As soon as we begin to awaken the Spirit, we feel new possibilities in life that we were not aware of before and want to discover them. As if awakening from an endless dream, we begin to look at the world with other eyes and find our sense of curiosity.

We start to ask, perhaps for the first time, if there really is more than we can see with the naked eye, and if so, we want to know what it is all about!

Once you enter the awakening phase of your spiritual transformation, the world, as you know it, is shaking – so that it can never be reordered.

Plus, find out that it was just a shell that hides from you a much broader and more expansive reality that promises rewards, achievements, challenges and silence as you have never known.

So, as you enter the wake-up phase and see your world break up, do not fight to fix it. Instead, look for “pieces among” the parts that you feel are authentic. Look for what your Spirit could reflect and keep only those aspects.

Remember that you have started your own spiritual awakening in response to your own inner desire to connect with your true power. In other words, awakening does not appear simply – though it may seem like this – but rather you do this at the soul level.

When you start the process, be aware that you are not alone on the path of your transformation. In our being of evolving beings, we all continually go through some higher form of awakening.

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Even those who seem to be already on a spiritual path will continue to discover much more of their Divine potential throughout their lives. As long as you have human form, your goal is to reach higher levels of personal consciousness and power.

Spiritual awakening is a sign of being prepared to learn more about your true identity and to go into an active state of co-production with the Universe.

Just as the first day of school is full of emotions, no matter what class you are – from kindergarten to college – you are in front of this threshold because you worked to get here … and you are ready to pass it, even if it seems inconvenient to you beginning.

You’ve progressed to the point where things you hang on, like some blankets that gave you a false sense of protection, I do not care anymore; and you are ready to give up limited relationships, ideas and beliefs, so you can get to know new, more powerful ones.

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