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Fifth generation warfare: “operating system” designed to program humans

Fifth generation warfare: “operating system” designed to program humans 1

The award-winning spinal surgeon and former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons believes the current coronavirus “vaccines” are dangerous biological weapons used against humans.

Dr. Lee Merritt, previously studied bioweapons while working as an orthopedic surgeon in the US Navy for 9 years, served on the board of the Arizona Medical Association and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles. She believes that the mRNA-altering coronavirus injections currently spreading in the US are rewriting a person’s genetic code in order to subsequently make us vulnerable to a second virus:

“At the beginning of February, I said it was a guided biological weapon, but at that point the data indicating it was censored,” she told The New America in an interview last month.

Moderna recognizes that mRNA pricks are an “operating system” designed to program humans.

Based on bioweapons research, Dr. Merritt believes we are living in an era of “fifth generation war,” where covert biological agents, economic warfare and propaganda are more effective than using weapons on the battlefield.

“We’ve had a lot of biological weapons over the years, and I was very worried about smallpox. But most of these biological weapons are either difficult to proliferate or require treatment, ”she said.

“I think there is a lot of evidence that the coronavirus is a natural, very benign virus that doesn’t even cause most people to have a cold, but at best, yes, it is a cold.”

Vaccines are most effective when used against an incurable and deadly virus, she said.

“If we are fighting biological warfare right now as part of this multidimensional war, if you have the medicine in your back pocket, they cannot terrorize you with viruses, and this is important because the vaccine does not prevent the transmission of the virus,” Dr. Lee Merritt says.

While prevention and treatment reduce the need for a vaccine, such information is regularly censored by social media companies and demonized by mainstream media.

Sharil Atkisson, a former CBS journalist, deleted one of her YouTube reports for broadcasting information that contradicted the official position of the World Health Organization (WHO).

“We have vaccines because we had no cure for smallpox, which was a very deadly disease. In this case, it made sense to have a vaccine. We didn’t have a cure for polio, so it made sense to get a vaccine, but this? Even without any action, this disease has a 99.991% chance of survival versus the standard virus flu season of 99.992%, ” Dr. Lee Merritt says.

The number of coronaviruses is widely contested, but dozens of doctors and scientists have talked about the disproportionate harm done by blockages and forced wearing of masks for most of the year.

One Canadian researcher estimates that the long-term cost of blocking will be ten times the cost of the virus itself.

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Merritt explains the difference between coronavirus vaccines and regular vaccinations:

“The coronavirus vaccines do not transmit a pathogen to you, they program the mRNA. mRNA is similar to DNA, but it is an RNA messenger. This is what makes proteins in the body. It’s like a computer chip that you insert into a 3D printer and then tell him what you want him to do and he prints it out. We have it in technology, and it is the biological equivalent. Well, in this case, they made part of this mRNA to create this peak protein (or at least part of it) in every cell in your body, and you are actually creating a pathogen in your body. “

When you go to get the coronavirus vaccine, you are not actually getting the vaccine as we always knew it.

Instead, messenger RNA is injected into your body, which then changes your genetic code to start producing your own modified version of the coronavirus … “


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