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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Fear of the Dark: how the pandemic forced the world to prepare for a zombie apocalypse

Fear of the Dark: how the pandemic forced the world to prepare for a zombie apocalypse 1

In the 20th century, humanity was faced with the mass death of people during the Second World War and during the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now the world lives in a pandemic, which many perceive as a prologue to a real zombie apocalypse. People are really considering the prospect of being killed by hordes of walking dead. It is the most common scenario promoted by popular culture, films, television and books.

How are people scared by the pandemic preparing for the zombie apocalypse? What expensive things are they willing to buy out of fear?

Flask and compass

Today, Neighborhood with the Undead is one of the best-selling plots in the film industry. The most amazing thing is that they are preparing for such a “bright future” not only in Hollywood. 

“I’ve read Max Brooks’s zombie apocalypse survival guide and prepared for the future. This is just the first outpost. which you can escape. A flask of water, a mug, a compass. You must know where to go when the satellite maps stop working ,” blogger Dash Thompson explains.

With the onset of the pandemic and the closure of US borders, people finally believed that the end of the world was not far off. Humanity is about to be destroyed by an unknown virus. After all, even scientists from the Aragonese National Laboratory confirmed the terrible fantasies, saying that an epidemic similar to a zombie apocalypse could begin in the next decade. 

The most adventurous were the first to find their way. Survival courses in the post apocalyptic future have appeared on the Internet.

Basement life

The basic rules of basic level survival are taught by Mad Mouk. Several years ago, he woke up with a firm conviction: the zombies will soon take over the Earth. He looked around his house and realized that he was not ready to face the undead. Since then, he has done a lot: he studied everything that is known about the living dead, and moved to the basement.  

“The first thing I did was a disguised passage between the floors of the house. This path leads to the basement. In fact, this is where I live most of the time. the feeling that no one is there. No one lives,” he shares.

There are thousands of people like Mad. They even established a society to study the living dead and prepare for the invasion. Everything is serious here: hierarchy, membership fees, devising retreat plans and building fortifications. 

Mad’s colleagues are far from the only ones building doomsday settlements. All kinds of shelters today are one of the most sought-after commodities on the real estate market. In the state of West Virginia, for example, a so-called Doomsday camp was set up.

Doomsday camp

This is a place where people can survive the catastrophe and become one of those who will save our species from extinction. Here are ready for the end of the world. On the territory of the ranch there are several underground bunkers with supplies, as well as houses surrounded by a fence with watchtowers. But most importantly, a trained team of survival fighters is at the disposal of the camp guests. Such can not only protect from the invasion of zombies, but also save from hunger, cold and thirst.

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” Members of our club will be fully protected. All you have to do is apply to join the organization and pay membership fees. This will guarantee you a place in our ark. It is not necessary to come here all the time. Although in good times our camp is a great place to relax.” – camp manager and former military man Drew Miller says.

Disaster laws

The United States is preparing for the end of the world everywhere. The state of Georgia has even written laws for the inhabitants of the post-apocalyptic world. They were immortalized on huge stones and put on public display. The monument was jokingly nicknamed “American Stonehenge”. Until the world was destroyed by the living dead, tourists are being photographed at a kind of legal monument. 

“ There are a lot of secrets around this monument. Firstly, the company that installed it still does not know who ordered it. And the rules that are knocked out there are not at all applicable in the modern world. This is really a set of commandments for those who who will survive the end of the world, “- traveler Tom Scott says. 

Do not exceed the population of the Earth by half a billion people, find a common language for all nations and peoples, be more tolerant in matters of faith and not meddle in other people’s affairs. The laws for survivors are engraved on tablets in eight languages.

Fly away from zombies into space

Researchers publish options for saving humanity in the event of the end of the world almost every day. Relocation to underground bunkers, invention of miracle vaccines and protection from radiation. Even underwater cities at the bottom of the ocean. 

Some are sure that people will be able to escape into space from certain death. Many millionaires promise to relocate humans to other planets or build a stellar ark – for example, the famous Elon Musk.

He announced a promising flight to Mars almost five years ago. Since then, no one has flown to the Red Planet – while Musk is preparing for the invasion of the dead on Earth and has already earned 10 million dollars out of people’s ‘appetite for destruction’. 

Not so long ago, he presented a new development – a flamethrower to fight hordes of evil spirits. Twenty thousand devices, each worth five hundred dollars, sold out in four days.


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