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FBI informant says agents captured time traveler from year 2389

An anonymous source from the FBI contacted Australian journalist Theodore Dutch and reported unexpected news that appeared for several hours in a number of popular resources at once, and then mysteriously disappeared. It said that on December 19, 2021, a time traveler fell into the hands of the FBI, saying that he had arrived from the distant year 2389.

According to the report received, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation tracked down and captured a 39-year-old man. A high-level source says they’re holding him in an isolated, classified facility. It is not yet clear what exactly he told them. Only parts of the information have been leaked, for example, it is known that he called himself a “skyer” – this is how, according to him, in the future, they call people who have the ability to move in time and space.

This is a photo of a supposed time traveler that a source gave to Theodor Dutch.

A source close to the agency says that the authorities have ordered the FBI to pump all possible information out of the Skyer by any means possible. They want to know about technological developments and upcoming events. 

Some agents, however, worry that they are trampling on this man’s legal rights to see into the future. Just one of these caring people turned out to be an informer.

– The White House denies all claims that it knows anything about the so-called “skyer”. According to my information, the FBI considers it their top priority project and the most important find in the history of the agency, Theodore Dutch says, an Australian journalist with close ties to senior US intelligence officials. – They say his name is Ebors. And he’s a scientist who left his lab in an experimental time machine in 2389.

Dutch, who is also the author of a book on covert US intelligence operations, says he is worried about the Ebor’s fate. He calls him a priceless treasure for all mankind.

– The FBI started a manhunt for him after he contacted the Nevada Research Center. Apparently, he was trying to get materials and tools to repair his time machine.

Obviously, after the perfect jump, his apparatus was partially damaged and he did not have the opportunity to return to his time. The FBI tracked him all over the East Coast before finally cornering him in Boston. They’ve been keeping Ebors in a secret bunker for three months now.

Theodore is alarmed at how the FBI is trying to “monopolize” this man, capitalizing on his knowledge for the benefit of one country.

As I was told, they plan to extract all the information from him and are not even going to share with everyone else,” he said. “I am very concerned that they are treating this man like a prisoner. They deprive him of his freedom and force him to cooperate. It is not right.

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The FBI declined to comment on reports of this strange prisoner but Dutch says he was able to find out the details of the Skyer’s capture from the same informant.

Another photo of Ebors taken immediately after his arrest.

He says that Ebors told the agents that he is a scientist in some kind of technology consortium whose job it is to develop and improve time travel systems. He revealed that he was testing his newest device when he unexpectedly moved to Woburn, Massachusetts on December 15, 2021. Ebors materialized in the parking lot of a supermarket next to a parked truck.

What will happen next?

There is also information that the “skyer” told the FBI that his trip to the 21st century was an accident and he tried to return to year 2398, but could not start his time machine. 

As it turned out, to repair the device, he needed complex electronic components, which, as he assumed, could only be found in the Nevada Research Center, in which, according to him, in about 180 years the first time travel will be carried out. At the same time, Ebors knew that experiments had already been actively conducted since the 1970s.

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“He tried to enter the Research Facility, but was denied,” Dutch said. – The facility’s security team immediately alerted the FBI because they thought he was a spy. So he came to the attention of the federal authorities.

The search for Ebors did not take long, after 4 days he was captured. Reportedly, he offered no resistance, but was friendly and even smiled.

“As soon as they interrogated him, they realized that they had got their hands on an incredible treasure: a man who could tell them anything they wanted to know about the future.

Dutch says the FBI spent months interrogating Ebors. His source says that they have already accumulated a large amount of top-secret information about what awaits US and the whole world.

“I don’t think they’re ever going to let that poor guy go,” the reporter says. – And this is a terrible injustice that must be corrected.


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