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Fata Morgana: Christ the Redeemer Statue Appears Near San Francisco

Fata Morgana: Christ the Redeemer Statue Appears Near San Francisco 1

A statue of Rio Christ the Redeemer and a rectangular sun appeared in the sunset sky over San Francisco. 

No … This is not a statue of Christ the Redeemer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s just a lighthouse on the Farallon Islands in San Francisco, after Fata Morgana decided to reconstruct it. A mirage turned a California lighthouse into a Brazilian statue.

In fact, this is an ordinary California lighthouse, which, thanks to an unusual atmospheric phenomenon called the veil-margan, has acquired such a mysterious form.

The rare natural phenomenon of Fata Morgana captured by a local resident and published it online. The first thing users thought was that it really was the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which somehow mysteriously reflected in the sky, and the inhabitants of San Francisco saw it. However, experts gave a very robust explanation for this phenomenon.

Fata morgana is an optical atmospheric phenomenon during which complex mirages form in the distance. Most often, Fata Morgana can be seen on the sea horizon – it often resembles ships in its appearance (it is believed that the legend of the Flying Dutchman arose).

And then the rectangular Sun appeared:


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