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Fascinating Study of Purported ‘Phone Calls From the Dead’ Phenomena: Some Confirmation

By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times

Pretty much since the dawn of electronic communication devices, people have reported hearing the voices of spirits through these devices. Since the early 20th century, many have set up recorders in quiet rooms and played back the recordings, hearing what they say sounds like human voices.

Some have even reported receiving communications from the dead via telephone calls, images on televisions and computer screens, and more.

Though many experiments have been carried out with varying degrees of success, the mainstream modern scientific literature on the phenomenon is scarce. Experiments are dismissed by some as flawed in their processes or as failing to yield the degree of certainty required by mainstream science to accept a phenomenon as real. Dr. Imants Barušs at the University of Western Ontario in Canada made a rare move in seriously studying this so-called “electronic voice phenomenon” (EVP), publishing his study in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2001.

Though his report is titled, “Failure to Replicate Electronic Voice Phenomenon,” it admits partial success in replication. While Dr. Barušs could not provide the clear, hard proof of EVP he set out to, he was able to detect what sounded like voices, and even some words that his assistant felt may have come from a deceased acquaintance of hers. Barušs replicated EVP in a weak sense, he said, but not a strong one. He raised some interesting points, however, as to the difficulties of studying this subject and established some protocol that could be used for further investigation.

Ghost Hunting in the Lab

As he prepared to begin his investigation, Barušs met with Mark Macy in Boulder, Calif. Macy had taken photos he said contained spirit images and had also tried to prove the existence of other realms through EVP recordings. Macy gave Barušs some advice on how to proceed, as recounted by Barušs: “He emphasized two things: the more successful experiments have been the result of spiritual purpose so that spiritual integrity is necessary on the part of ITC researchers, and the ability to obtain anomalous voices and images is dependent upon the establishment of a contact field through regular and persistent effort.”

Could an attempt to scientifically verify EVP also have a sufficiently spiritual purpose or integrity behind it? As to establishing a “contact field,” Barušs noted that “the parameters for the development of such a field, other than, presumably, the prerequisite of spirituality and the need for persistence, are unknown.”

Nonetheless, he selected two assistants back at the university in London, Canada, whom he esteemed for their integrity. They set up equipment in a quiet corner of campus, in a room closed off from voices of incarnate beings, to ensure any voices heard would be sufficiently mysterious. They kept the experiment secret to ensure no pranksters could interfere. Taking turns, each would sit in the room and record themselves talking to any spirits that may be listening.

EVP experiments by others have often required a radio tuned between stations or a TV on a blank channel. Barušs and his assistants thus tuned the radio between stations to record. Later, they would play back the tape to listen for any voices aside from their own.

What They Heard

Barušs described what they heard for most of the recording, which totaled 60 hours: “In addition to static and apparent radio stations breaking through from time to time there was also a buzzing noise, probably caused by interference from the overhead fluorescent lights. There were occasional dramatic fluctuations of the background noise that were similar to fluctuations that I heard during Macy’s demonstration on his equipment that he attributed to an effort on the part of those in spirit to control the radio output.”

The most remarkable result came on Oct. 17, 1997, when it sounded like someone said, “Tell Peter.” Both Barušs and one of his two assistants independently identified the words as “Tell Peter,” describing the voice as female and as speaking at a regular speed. The assistant, Gail, thought the voice sounded like a deceased woman she had known whose husband’s name was Peter.

Another event was a “squawking noise” 13 seconds after one of the researchers asked if any spirits were present. The noise, “with a little imagination could be interpreted as ‘Hello,’” Barušs wrote.

Some EVP has been dismissed as enthusiasts imagining random noise to sound like words. Some have said it is parts of radio broadcasts tuning in and out. Enthusiasts have said, however, that one must simply become accustomed to listening carefully for these kinds of communications before being able to hear them more clearly. The language of the communications has also been said to change depending on the listener, irregardless of the local language broadcast on the radio programs.

What Would Have Convinced Barušs

Barušs gave a couple of examples of what would have constituted hard evidence that EVP exists.

The late Dr. Konstantin Raudive studied EVP and said the voices would speak to him in his native language, Latvian.

“As I am also a native speaker of Latvian, had clear and meaningful phrases in Latvian showed up on the tapes, if indeed phrases in Latvian spoken by Raudive had showed up on the tapes, given that Raudive has purportedly addressed others in English since his death in 1974 … that would have been an argument in favor of a paranormal origin for the voices,” Barušs wrote.

He would have also been convinced, “if one of the operators had been clearly addressed by name and given information that was unlikely to have been known by anyone else, as has been reported by some EVP researchers.”

Barušs noted that his experiment may not have been sufficiently spiritual if that is indeed a requirement for EVP to manifest. George Meek, an industrialist who invested in an EVP recording machine known as the Spiricom in the 1980s, had said that at least one psychically endowed person must be involved.

EVP could be one of three things, said Barušs. Either it is nothing unusual, a phenomenon created by known psychological factors; or it is the anomalous influence of researchers on electronic equipment (researchers at Princeton University’s Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab have suggested that people may be able to affect electronic devices with their minds); or it really is disincarnate beings influencing the minds or the equipment of the investigators.



Paranormal activity at the Pit Pretoria mine

In the 80 years since the biggest disaster in the UK mines, no one has thought of erecting a normal monument to the dead miners. And the ghosts didn’t like it very much.

One of the most impressive types of ghosts, these are the ones that cannot rest until there is justice for the circumstances of their death. For example, murder victims may visit places where they were killed or buried in the hope of bringing the perpetrator to justice.

These ghosts in the West are called “ghosts with a purpose” and the incident in the English city of Bolton is one of the clearest examples of this manifestation. Bolton is a working-class town in the north of England. It began to develop actively in the Victorian era, when there was an industrial rise in Great Britain and coal mining became its main industry.

There were so many coal mines here that Bolton was one of the centers of coal mining in Britain during that era. However, by the early twentieth century, Bolton’s coal mines were suddenly depleted as rich surface seams ran out. In search of coal, miners now had to “bite” into the ground deeper and deeper.

The Pretoria Pit mine quickly became one of the deepest and most dangerous miners to work with. Moreover, many of these miners were children or adolescents, because in those years only the poor went to such harmful work, among whom it was considered normal to earn their living from the age of 7-8. They simply could not quit, because they simply would not find another job in a mining town and would face the risk of poverty and starvation. Therefore, they humbly continued every day to descend underground, praying that they would return in the evening.

Even the strange supernatural omens, though frightening them, did not become a reason for not going to work. These omens included the corpses of black crows that somehow ended up in even the deepest levels of the mine, as well as an incomprehensible noise that greatly frightened the horses driving the minecarts. And in 1910, a disaster struck at the Pit Pretoria mine. There are several theories about it, but the main one is considered to be a small deep collapse, which released natural gas into the lower mines and exploded.

The explosion killed almost all the miners who went underground on that ill-fated day – 344 people. Only three were able to reach the surface, of which two soon died of their wounds. It was the worst industrial disaster in the UK and left a deep psychological scar on the locals. Eighty years later, in the early 1990s, memories of the catastrophe faded away, even the children of the miners who died were no longer alive. Bolton no longer held an annual memorial service for the dead miners, and many locals heard of the Pretoria Pit explosion only briefly in class.

However, the spirits of the dead were not ready to sink into oblivion. And suddenly, a series of intense paranormal activity erupted in Bolton County, witnessed by hundreds of people. It began in 1993, when local resident Brian Lowe was driving along Platt Lane, an old dirt road that ran very close to the place where the heaped Pit Pretoria mine was. And suddenly Lowe saw dozens and dozens of brilliant human eyes that looked at him from the darkness of an abandoned mining warehouse, which was on the side of the road.

Frightened, Lowe added speed to get past this place, but then he heard a strange pop. It was loud enough and Lowe thought that his tire had burst, but the car continued to drive smoothly. However, when Lowe reached the city, there he was met by a frightened friend who said that there had recently been an explosion near Platt Lane, which was seen by many local residents. In the darkness of the night, a large flash of light was very noticeable.

The police were called to the old warehouse, the road was blocked, but nothing unusual was found. No traces of the explosion and the destruction it created. But then, over the course of 17 years, many of those who approached the Pretoria Pit saw unusual things – the bodies of many dead people lying by the road, limping and waddling figures that walked somewhere through the bushes and the darkness of the night. AND SMELL. The smell of burnt meat.

Many also reported hearing the sounds of an explosion, but again they found no evidence that something exploded there. As well as signs that some pranksters are working here who wander near the mine at night and scare passers-by and drivers. No sign of any people at all near the Pretoria Pit. This is understandable, the locals usually avoided this place as best they could. One day a policeman arrived at another call about an explosion or about observing corpses near the road and saw with his own eyes a severed human hand hanging from a tree branch. And right before his eyes, this hand disappeared, disappeared into thin air.

After that, a whole group of local residents gathered, who finally realized that this was not a joke or a practical joke. They decided that the ghosts of the dead miners wanted something and that it should be done to calm them down. It was decided to erect a monument to them, which for some reason none of the local authorities did for 80 years. When the memorial was built and the names of all the dead miners were indicated on it, a special memorial service was held and the priest consecrated the memorial. Since that day, there have been NO other reports of paranormal activity near the Pretoria Pit.

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Iceland accidentally filmed a transforming alien watching people

One of the local residents who visited a popular place in Iceland – Dettifoss cliff, like other visitors to this place, filmed the waterfall, and while at home watching the video made there, she discovered something strange.

As the eyewitness herself wrote:

“I was shooting a waterfall, in front of a steep cliff, very steep, slippery and dangerous. I did not come close to the edge, I shot the waterfall, and when I later watched my video I saw some small creature peeping out just from – over the edge of the cliff leading to the abyss. I’m not crazy, but what the hell is this? “

Dettifoss waterfall is considered one of the main attractions in Iceland. It is located in Vatnaekull National Park, in Northeast Iceland.

When I watched the video, I could not believe my eyes, there really was some kind of creature, an absolutely incredible kind. I immediately drew attention to the fact that it was constantly changing, just like the UFO-transformers flying now do.

I analyzed the original video and found no hints that it was not the original recording. There are no traces of editing, gluing or overlapping images. Everything that happens in this video is reality.

I found photographs of the very place from which the shooting was conducted. At the time of recording, the girl was about 3-4 meters from the edge of the cliff. Accordingly, it can be assumed that the creature is small in size, at least the visible part of it. It is difficult to judge the real size of an object without seeing it in full.

This is something similar to what we can see in the so-called “UFO-transformers” – a substance similar to liquid metal or mercury, which can take any form.

This is what goes on with this being – it is constantly transforming. In a few seconds, it takes on many different images. At some point, it even tries to reproduce a human face and even two, one in front, the second behind (probably copying the faces of people standing at the waterfall), then takes the image of a completely incomprehensible, some kind of creepy creature, somewhat reminiscent of the head of a “stranger “, and then it transforms into some kind of mechanism, it becomes something mechanical, like some kind of robot.

During these transformations, it can be seen that the creature ascended the steep and wet rock, using some kind of tentacles for this. With them, it clings to the edge of the rock and what is interesting is that these processes reproduced the structure of the stones surrounding them and you can see that these are the tentacles only when the creature crawls down the rock.

This is precisely the transforming creature who literally mimics the surrounding surface. Alien? Who else can do this? Who on this planet is capable of such a thing?

Considering that aliens from other planets have visited our planet almost throughout the history of mankind, then the Icelandic legends about “trolls and elves” take on a completely different meaning.

Due to severe weather conditions, the territory of Iceland was inhabited by one of the last on Earth – people came to this region only in the 9th century AD.

The inhabitants of Iceland seriously believe in the existence of trolls and elves – for example, before designing a new road, builders consult with experts in folklore, so as not to accidentally invade the possessions of these fantastic creatures.

Maybe the tales of “trolls” were not just fairy tales and Icelanders to this day do not in vain believe in the existence of mysterious creatures?

Now is a very strange time … A time of great change. Dragons, shape-shifting UFOs and now transformed creatures. If we assume that now representatives of an alien civilization have arrived on Earth, which are not living organisms, but intelligent, but inanimate matter and they are studying our planet for some purpose, then we can say that they have already undergone a kind of “evolution” from flying transforming balls, to transforming creatures moving on the ground.

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Woman recalls meeting with Mothman at Point Pleasant

The strange events that took place in the area of ​​the American town of Point Pleasant in the state of West Virginia have not yet received an unambiguous assessment. It is very difficult to write off everything on inventions here, but it is also problematic to admit the existence of a monster.

Susan Sheppard of West Virginia is an honorary witch, anomalous researcher, and a broad-spectrum psychic. Behind all this unusual activity is her childhood, during which she found herself among many mysterious phenomena, including the appearance of the Moth Man in West Virginia in the 1966-1967s.

The majority of people remember these events as incidents in the town of Point Pleasant, when throughout the year the locals began to meet a strange winged creature with red eyes. The creature disappeared after the local Silver Bridge collapsed and dozens of people died.

Since then, Moth-Man has been associated with a harbinger of mass death, although it is still not clear what kind of creature it was, why it manifested itself in this way before the disaster and what he needed from people. Susan Sheppard remembers those days well. According to her, she is probably one of the few people in West Virginia who remembers how it all began and who has survived to this day.

“One cold November day in 1966, my sister came home from school and began to tell a strange story that happened the day before in the family of her classmate Partridge. At that time I was too young to go to school, I sat at the table and ate the leftover candy from my Halloween bag.

The kitchen was warm, outside there was a hill with yellowish grass. I always thought that there was something unusual in these forests. But back to my sister. She ran into the house and began to tell that Daddy Partridge last night I went to my barn and saw something with red eyes, and then their dog disappeared without a trace – a German shepherd named Bandit.

The strange red eyes gazing out of the doorway of the old barn are not what you might have heard about in local fairy tales and legends, so my childish mind was immediately alerted. Since then, I have noticed and remembered all these stories better than anyone else in my family. It must be said that the average West Virginian at first did not take all these stories seriously. Only later, when the legends about the Moth-Man began to diverge, when this strange alien-man Indrid Cold appeared and people began to see the Men in Black, they believed, since these stories affected their families.

My family lived in the small community of Shannon’s Knob in rural West Union County. The Partridge family lived 8 miles from us in Center Point, which is 100 miles from Point Pleasant. It was from that night that observations of the Moth Man began in West Virginia.

That evening, Merle Partridge was watching TV with his son Roger, who was 11 years old. Suddenly, they heard their German Shepherd Dog Bandit barking loudly outside the house. It sounded strange and atypical, and the TV at that moment immediately began to blink, and then made a strange creaking sound.

Merle decided to go out and see what was out there on the street. The man took the flashlight and went out, and Roger ran after him. Near the barn, they saw a dog standing and barking, looking out the open door of the empty barn. Initially, Mr. Partridge did not see any red eyes in the doorway. It was only when he looked into the barn that he suddenly saw what he described as “An intense red light like electricity.” And then he saw a big dark figure there. She moved abruptly, as if she had fallen off a shelf.

The fur on the back of the shepherd stood on end at that moment and she began to bark even louder and growl. The man fired a gun into the barn once, after which the dog ran into the barn and disappeared there. People did not follow her, but decided to return to the house. The television was on again, but Mr. Partridge kept his rifle by the bed that night.

The next morning it became clear that the dog was nowhere to be seen and they remembered that they had last seen the Bandit running into the barn. After that, Merle and his children Mary, Roger and Gary went to the ill-fated barn and found the Bandit’s paw prints inside, which disappeared so suddenly, as if something had grabbed the dog and carried it through the air.

At the same time, Merle found some more traces on the dirty and dusty floor of the barn. They did not belong to a dog or a person and were so unusual that he could not understand what creature could leave them. In appearance, they most of all resembled the footprints of a bird, similar to a turkey, while being abnormally huge. At that moment, Merle Partridge did not yet know that yesterday that same evening, just an hour after he saw red eyes in his shed, a hundred miles from this place in the town of Point Pleasant, a couple of Roger and Linda met the same creature Scarberry.

They saw a strange large red-eyed creature on the outskirts of the city near a chemical plant. ”From that evening, similar stories began to appear in the circle more and more often. The Moth-Man“ settled down ”in this place.

Later, when writer John Keel interviewed the residents of the area to collect material for his sensational book about The Mothman Prophecies, Merle Partridge in his notes somehow turned into Newell Partridge, and the date November 15, 1966, when he saw red-eyed creature in his barn, October 15, 1967.

Therefore, the story of Merle, although it was the very first meeting with the mysterious red-eyed creature, was not widely known. According to Susan Sheppard, she does not know why this happened, maybe Keel was not working carefully, or there was just confusion.

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