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Fake or aliens: what the latest DNA analysis of the scandalous Peru mummies showed

Fake or aliens: what the latest DNA analysis of the scandalous Peru mummies showed 1
Photo: YouTube

The mystery of Mexico’s “aliens” continues to haunt the public after analysis showed that the DNA of the tiny corpses does not belong to humans, but to an “unknown species.”

Mexico’s National Congress has become a circus over the past two months as controversial UFO enthusiast and journalist Jaime Maussan has held court several times to prove that mummified remains found in Peru are extraterrestrial life, reports.

In his latest attempt, Maussan enlisted a team of researchers to conduct DNA analysis. Surprisingly, he showed that 30% of the DNA “does not belong to any known species.” Scientists also noted that these figures consist of one skeleton but they have not yet said who owns the remaining 70% of the DNA. 

We are not alone in this vast universe

“This is the first time that extraterrestrial life has been presented in this way,” Maussan said. “We have a clear example of non-humans not related to any known species on our planet. The public has a right to know about non-human technologies and creatures. This reality unites humanity, not divides us. We are not alone in this vast Universe; we must accept this truth.”  

“These specimens are not part of our earthly evolution. These are not creatures that were found after a UFO crash. They were found in diatom mines and later fossilized,” Maussan continues.

Maussan added that the two corpses had strong bones, were toothless and contained implants made from the soft, silvery-white metal cadmium and the bluish-white metal osmium – rare elements on Earth.

The figures were carbon dated by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), which determined the bodies had three-fingered hands, no teeth and were more than 1,000 years old, Maussan claimed.

A UFO expert who has dealt with the tiny bodies has suggested that humans assembled them together, meaning the pair could have been created from now-extinct animals 1,000 years ago.

We are talking about the archaeologist’s close friend, ufologist Will Galison, who was the first to analyze the alleged “aliens”, and said that, in his opinion, the “corpses” were 1000-year-old mannequins. Galison said they may have been made from animal remains thousands of years ago, perhaps for ritual purposes, and the heads bore a “remarkable resemblance” to alpaca skulls. 

On Tuesday, anthropologist Roger Zuniga of the National University of San Luis Gonzaga in Ica, Peru, confirmed the ufologist’s opinion and said:

“There was absolutely no human intervention in the physical and biological formation of these creatures.”

Zuniga also presented a letter signed by 11 university researchers testifying to the same conclusion – although they clarified that they did not imply that the bodies were definitely aliens.

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The surgeon Celestino Adolfo Pioto, from Argentina, also claimed that he studied the results of the analyzes on the two bodies and concluded that “they are an evolved version of today’s people”, even calling them “our descendants”.

However, many have expressed skepticism about the veracity of the origins of the mummified figures due to their uncanny resemblance to Steven Spielberg’s ‘ET’, an alien also with three fingers but did not answer where the remains came from.

We are looking forward to the continuation of such an exciting story.


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