‘Faithful Shepherd of Heaven’: This is the mysterious Orion Constellation

Why is this star pattern so common on ancient sites around the world? Why did ancient man consider it one of the most important constellations in the sky? Obviously, many civilizations of antiquity paid tribute to the gods, whose homeland was the constellation Orion. That is why they built incredible monuments that imitate this area of ​​the night sky.

Ancient mankind knew about this constellation for thousands of years. It attracted people’s attention long before the advent of modern astronomy. Why did this happen? Maybe because in the constellation Orion there is a nebula where stars are born? It is unlikely that the ancient people knew about this.

The constellation Orion is one of the brightest constellations in our sky. And one of the most famous areas of the sky these days. It can be easily found even by a non-professional astrologer. The constellation got its name in honor of the Greek demigod Orion. According to the mythology of the ancient Greeks, he was a great hunter of enormous stature. And after death, the almighty Zeus placed him among the stars for great deeds.

The three main objects in the constellation are the stars Alnilam, Alnitak and Mintaka. They form the so-called Orion belt.

Different historical sources tell several stories about Orion. And they are very different from each other. There are two main versions of Orion’s birth and several versions of his death.

In Egyptian mythology, for example, it is said that the gods came to Earth from the stars. And these are the stars of the belt of Orion and Sirius. The ancient Egyptians believed that it was from there that creatures similar to people came to us. They named these newcomers Osiris and Isis. And it was these creatures, according to ancient Egyptian sources, who created our civilization.

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Sirius and the constellation Orion were among the most important objects in the night sky, not only for the Greeks and Egyptians. But also for other ancient civilizations – Babylonia and the empires of the Indians of South and Central America. And even for the Northern Indian tribes.

Is it just a coincidence that some of our planet’s most famous ancient objects are positioned to mimic the arrangement of stars in Orion’s belt? But don’t such structures, built by absolutely unrelated civilizations, indicate that the Orion belt was for ancient people something more than just a few bright points in the sky? Or is it just a wonderful and completely coincidental coincidence? Why did the Aztecs, Mayans, ancient Egyptians and many other ancient civilizations distinguish these very stars among all the stars in the sky?

One more fact. In Egypt, inside one of the pyramids, texts were discovered dating back to about 2400 BC. They speak of the Egyptian pharaoh Unis, who ruled for over 30 years. And it is argued that at the end of his reign, he did not die, as was customary among the Egyptian pharaohs. And flew away. To one of the stars of Orion’s belt.

Interestingly, the Babylonians describe the constellation Orion both as a constellation and as a kind of supreme being. It is referred to in ancient texts as the “Faithful Shepherd of Heaven.”

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Interestingly, in the Babylonian star catalogs one can find accurate descriptions of the motion of various celestial bodies. And, according to some researchers, this is indisputable proof that the ancient civilization of Babylon received all this knowledge from star travelers.

From some extraterrestrial beings who came to Earth in the distant past. After all, the Babylonian star catalogs are a collection of information with extremely precise mathematical equations. And this fact simply confuses researchers. After all, no one has been able to answer a simple question – how exactly could this ancient civilization obtain such unique knowledge?


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