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Michael Salla's hypothesis: an expedition to an ancient installation in Antarctica will help in the fight against reptilians 5

Fact or fiction

There is belief that since 1939, the US has been negotiating with the so-called grays. There are also claims that these negotiations have been...

Chile: They caught a "cursed" 16 feet king oarfish - They say it brings earthquakes 6

Fact or fiction

When the fishermen pulled the huge ghostly fish called the “king oarfish” out of their boat in the port of Arica, Chile the passers...

This happened on September 22nd 11 This happened on September 22nd 12

Aliens & UFO's

Across Britain and Northern Ireland, reports have been coming inof bright objects falling through the night sky. A number of observers saw large streaks of...

Proof of Life and Water on Mars? 13 Proof of Life and Water on Mars? 14

Fact or fiction

It is the hidden Mars demonstrating a shockingly different view that will astound some who only thought they knew this our sister world. Please...