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This world is a lie - according to "Westworld" creators. A series that creates conspiracy theories 5

Fact or fiction

Westworld doesn’t just create a plot, it creates meanings. In addition to the usual narrative, there is a second layer, hints at the structure...

Michael Salla's hypothesis: an expedition to an ancient installation in Antarctica will help in the fight against reptilians 6

Fact or fiction

There is belief that since 1939, the US has been negotiating with the so-called grays. There are also claims that these negotiations have been...

Nostradamus predicted Putin's death in 2022? 16 Nostradamus predicted Putin's death in 2022? 17

Fact or fiction

Can the predictions of Nostradamus be taken seriously? Some, without hesitation, give an affirmative answer to this question, offering a “calendar” of upcoming dramatic events. So,...