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Bloodlines into the Shadows: Where did the descendants of aliens who ruled the entire Earth until the 19th century disappear? 5

Fact or fiction

To this day, a huge number of ancient sculptures, monuments and age-old engravings have survived, which depict noble people who lived on Earth until...

Earth as a battlefield for reptilians and insectoids and humanity's "Golden Age". Do we have another choice? 6

Fact or fiction

According to the theory of paleocontact, the earth has been visited by alien creatures since ancient times – guests from different parts of the...

Humans Are Not From Earth 11 Humans Are Not From Earth 12

Fact or fiction

Although we have been calling Earth our home for many generations, there are many theories that claim humans evolved elsewhere in the galaxy and...

Did ace WWI pilot shoot down a UFO ? 67 Did ace WWI pilot shoot down a UFO ? 68

Fact or fiction

German fighter pilot ace, Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, also known as the Red Baron, is officially credited with shooting down 80 enemy planes...