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The 6-year-old son of the King of Bhutan dreams our way into the future. What could await the human venture? 5

Fact or fiction

Dreams are a phenomenon that is still poorly understood. How do they appear? Where do they come from? Is it possible to separate a prophetic dream from...

The craziest forecast for 2023: "Champions" will rule the Earth, only 8,000 of us will remain 6

Fact or fiction

Another self-proclaimed “time traveler” from TikTok published at the very end of 2022 one of his craziest prophecies about epoch-making events that supposedly await...

Is Hanson Robotics Sophia a Fake? 29 Is Hanson Robotics Sophia a Fake? 30

Fact or fiction

Hanson Robotics Video or Sophia the AI Robot is a fraud, A Fake! Here’s why! BitsBytesBobs posted a very interesting video about this case...

Humans Are Not From Earth 38 Humans Are Not From Earth 39

Fact or fiction

Although we have been calling Earth our home for many generations, there are many theories that claim humans evolved elsewhere in the galaxy and...