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Faces of Two Chinese Doctors Turn Black from Coronavirus after surviving the deadly illness

Faces of Two Chinese Doctors Turn Black from Coronavirus after surviving the deadly illness 1

The faces of two Chinese doctors turned black from Coronavirus COVID-19 Infection in a viral video from China. After becoming infected the two Chinese doctors faces turned black with altered skin pigmentation, because of coronavirus COVID19 complications after their recovery.

Dr Yi Fan and Dr Hu Weifeng, both 42, were infected with Covid-19 while treating patients at the Wuhan Central Hospital in January.

Faces of Two Chinese Doctors Turn Black from Coronavirus after surviving the deadly illness 2

Doctors treating them said they both needed to be put on life support but as a result of treatment to bring them back from the brink of death their skin turned dark. The skin colour change is being put down to a hormonal imbalance that took place as the doctors’ livers were damaged by the virus, Chinese state media reports. 

Dr Yi and Dr Hu both worked with whistle-blower Li Wenliang, who was punished for sounding the alarm of the virus and then died of the disease on February 7.

The two medics were both diagnosed on January 18 and first taken to the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital and then transferred twice, according to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV. Dr Yi, a cardiologist, beat Covid-19 after doctors hooked him to a life-support machine called ECMO for 39 days.

ECMO is a drastic life-support procedure which replaces the function of the heart and lungs by pumping oxygen into the blood outside the body. Urologist Dr Hu’s condition was worse and he has been bed-bound for 99 days, his own doctor said. Dr Li Shusheng – who is treating both health workers – said the two doctors’ skin turned dark due to a type of medicine they were given during the early stages of their treatment. He added that one of the drug’s side effects is the darkening of skin colour.

Adrenal insufficiency in Chinese patients can also be suspected because patients underwent prolonged intensive therapy with hormones. But the fact is that with such a dark face, the patient would rather be dead than alive, because adrenal insufficiency has a lot of different bad symptoms, from which people die.     

Now, if you look at the pictures of Africans, you can see that their pigmentation is stronger than the pigmentation of their hands – which is what we see in Chinese patients. Therefore, in their case we are talking about darkening of the skin as a result of increased production of melanin.

The production of melanin by melanocytes is regulated by a special hormone package, the main of which is α-melanotropin . Most of the hormones in the human body are connected in complex physiological chains. For example, the introduction of adrenaline causes a sequential release of almost everything that a person has from hormones. Also, many hormones are tied to each other with biochemical chains, as a result one hormone suffers – another clings to it. But – not α-melanotropin. It exclusively regulates pigmentation and works on its own. If you eat, for example, handfuls of steroids or expand some “anti-aging cocktails” – you can plant the entire hormonal system, but the production of melanin does not. 

 In addition, it is noteworthy that only two patients turned black in the workshop – and both coincided so strangely with the doctor. This allows us to think that only they were given colleagues a special drug – with a non-disclosure subscription and, possibly, by mutual agreement. For example, some extract from the pituitary gland removed is not clear from anyone. Since it is difficult or impossible to separate one hormone from another, α-melanotropin also fell into the general package, from which the guys turned black. 

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The second drug could also be some kind of vaccine, which the doctors, for starters, were slightly tested. In this case, we are talking about a vaccine from Covid-19, which changes DNA.

Therefore, now we don’t even know which is worse: a medicine from Covid-19, which is extracted from someone’s skull, or a vaccine from Covid-19, which modifies human genetics. Moreover, a person is free to refuse a medicine from someone’s pituitary gland, but if they begin to vaccinate, then it will be quite difficult to abandon the “upgrade” of the genome. 

So far these two Chinese doctors turning black from coronavirus COVID-19 are the only known cases. This points to it be an extremely rare phenomenon. The good thing here is that they recovered from their severe symptoms. Let’s hope the Chinese doctors can make a full recovery.


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