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Faceless “Goat Monster” from Damascus is Actually Real

Faceless “Goat Monster” from Damascus is Actually Real 1

Did you see that viral video on Facebook depicting some kind of faceless goat monster?

Being called the “ugliest breed of barnyard animal,” video of a Damascus, Syria goat contained inside a pen at a farm has gone extremely viral, for some reason in Asia in particular.

Newsweek referred to it as the “bulldog of goats.” This goat sports a big, oversized head and some kind of inverted snout, which makes it look deformed. However, this Damascus goat is not deformed, it’s a completely real breed that just looks like that. Sometimes, the aesthetic of things causes people to have a massive interest in them.

Last year, this strange marine animal washed up on shore in Texas City after Hurricane Harvey, and it made similar viral waves on the Internet. What could be more entertaining than looking at the strangest incarnations of life we can find on planet Earth?

Preeti Desai caused a viral post after posting a picture of the Texas creature on Twitter, requesting help to identify it.

With a mouth stuffed full of razor sharp teeth, and an odd, tubular shaped body, nobody knew what the hell this post-hurricane thing was. It was reported by Time that the creature was identified by biologists as a fangtooth snake eel.

The Damascus goat isn’t quite the exact same category of alien as that Texas beach animal, but it’s quite interesting. Hundreds of thousands of people have captured this viral trend and it says a little bit about the human imagination.

This goat is native to Lebanon, Syria, and Cyprus, and the animal is actually held in particular reverence in Arabic literature for its meat and milk.

🆘‼🙄🔥 An oriental goat, from the East. What a monster! I prefer not to ask how this arose. Inshallah…

— Onlinemagazin (@OnlineMagazin) March 22, 2018

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Isn’t that goat cute though? There is nothing too odd or scary about it, I like the goat.


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