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Facebook Data And Internet Censorship: Banned By Mainstream Media

Facebook Data And Internet Censorship: Banned By Mainstream Media 1

You will also see in this post how the ITU, CIA, and U.N are involved in controlling the internet and compiling lists on all users of the internet. This information is presented in the form of Videos where you can hear it right from their own mouths. I encourage everyone to watch all the videos I researched and featured in this article.   I also ecourage everyone to please help make this article go viral, once you realize how Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other Social Mediagroups are being used, you will view how you use the Web in a whole new Light.

Congress has Authorized CIA funding for Facebook. Facebook has replaced almost every CIA information gathering program since it was launched in 2004.
It seems Obama has outlined a protocol that explains procedures that enable the military industrial complex to prevent digital attacks from foreign nations, hackers and any other definable threat to national security byspecifying  constitutes an offensive and a defensive action in the rapidly evolving world of cyberwar and cyberterrorism. The term Definable Threat is so open ended, it could be as simple as someone posting something to their Facebook page that is against Obamas agenda.
The PPD20 is beyond an executive order. This is a declaration by the first American Dictator-in-Chief who plans to use military force to ensure over-reaching governmental control over the Web.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) request to obtain a copy of Presidential Policy Directive 20 (PPD20) or the new cybersecurity declaration from the executive branch of our US government.
The UN has offered to assist sovereign countries in internet surveillance for anti-terrorism purposes. In a recently published report entitled The Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes (UITP), the UN claims that social media sites are used for terroristic schemes in terms of organization and recruitment; specifically Skype, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Here we go again. The New World Order and their Peace Keeping Force the U.N. We should have guessed!
The UNs ITU, International Telecommunication Union proclaims that because the internet is a global entity that the UN should have jurisdiction over it, manage its abilities according to global UN standards and engage restrictions that could be installed at the fundamental level of the internet to prevent any infractions of international mandates. The UN wants to include the domain-name system along with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN ), which is currently a privately owned US non-profit organization.
It is expected that the ITU would begin a sort of taxation that international telecommunications corporations would be expected to pay for the ITUs handling of web traffic as it flows across the world. ITU members would be privy to the new found cash flow that would be in the hands of international governance; which could begin to line the pockets of the UN in record time.
This video explains who the ITU is and a little of the history behind the ITU.
When I was researching all of this, I had to ask myself how the Facebook shareholder must feel about all of this and in fact did they even know this was taking place? What I discovered was astounding.
So first the powers that be with the use of Mainstream Media , build up the Facebook IPO to be a big deal, with so many Facebook users appreciating and realizing how powerful Facebook is as a Social Media Communications Tool, they all jumped on the IPOs as a way to take ownership for a product they all loved and used on a daily basis.
Prior to the IPOs release, the majority of the public that used Facebook, loved Facebook and trusted that free markets were in place, had their 401ks,  IRAs and any extra money in their savings, all ready to buy FB stock. Their brokers jumped into the market the minute trade opened on May 18 2012.
The public anxiously watched as they finally were buying a piece of the Social Media Tool that gave them power over Mainstream Media, they watched with hope and anticipation. But then the unthinkable happened, FB shares began to fall, many people started calling their brokers asking what was happening, their brokers said, dont worry this is common market action.
But day 2 came and FB shares plunged even more, this continued for weeks and and weeks turned into months, until it Facebooks share price reached its all time low on Sept 4th of $17.73, by then most of the small time investors who bought into the American dream were wiped out, selling all their shares of Facebook stock just to try and save what little money they could from their lifetime of savings that they invested into Facebook stock.
Now why would a company like Facebook with so many users, that had such a bright future, totally collapse on the opening day of the IPO? Now mind you this is some speculation, but do the charts and facts point to more corruption?
It appears that the price was beaten down by market manipulation, confiscating more of the American peoples wealth, when the price finally bottomed on Sept 4th at $17.73, the very same entities that received the majority of government bailouts in 2008, 2009 and 2010, stepped in with their bailout money and bought Facebook shares for pennies on the dollar.
The U.N and the Government Powers felt the power that free press was displaying, and realized that this could easily damage their agenda. They already control 6 of the largest corporations that own mainstream, that control the mainstream media. The same media that manipulates what the public buys, what the public fears, how the public acts, the same media that covers up for the corrupt governments and never asks any questions in the publics best interests to hold the government accountable for their actions.
Well these bailout recipients bought the majority of Facebook shares and became the majority share holders in Facebook stock..
The ultimate goal of the United Nations, is to control the internet. What better way to control the internet than to buy out the largest social media site for pennies on the dollar?  So they did, as you will see from the Data below, they did just that.
Powershares Exhg Traded Fd Tr-Powershares QQQ Tr, Series 1
Today, anyone will tell you that Facebook is censoring everything they post on their Facebook accounts. Having personally been attacked by the Facebook police, let me tell you anything you post exposing government fraud will get you blocked. Anything you post against the U.N. gun control agenda will get you blocked, anything you post against the Obama administration will get your account blocked, Anything you post that questions the Sandy Hook shooting, will get you block by Facebooks new owners.
Facebook has become a collection data center for the CIA, U.N. and other American government intelligence agencies.  Anyone using Facebook today is having a profile built on them by the government, for use at a later date, they will know the quotes you make, your disappointments, your concerns, your frustrated comments that you make, they will have enough on you to make you look like a Nut Job Lunatic Extremist Gun tot in Bible Thump in Anti Government possible Terrorist any time they feel the need to silence you.
Could you be made to look guilty of nothing but irritated thoughts? Made to look like a possible Domestic Terrorist?  Made to look like someone with a  mental health disorder  so they can confiscate your firearms?
Make no mistake, they are coming for your firearms, and Obama himself has said that they are going to include mental health  and psychotic prescribed drug use, into their gun control agenda. Yesterday NBC Admits No Assault Rifles Were Used In the Sandy Hook Shootings in fact no rifles were used at all in the Sandy Hook Shootings.
What better way to progress their agenda than to purchase the largest social media network?  All information is public and can be used against you.
Guilty for exercising your right to free speech?  Make no mistake, everything you say on the internet, every site you visit on the internet, every response you make to other peoples posts on the internet, is being recorded. The term prison planet has never applied to the population of earth more than it does today.
Or play this game, add your birthday, remember all you personal information is being collected.
(View in App Center) is requesting permission to do the following:
Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information Ive made public.
This game/App. may email me directly at, Your email address here
This app may post on my behalf, including games you won, your high scores and more.
In addition to being the largest social network, Facebook also likes to share your phone contacts. This video tutorial shows you how to turn off this feature to stop Facebook from syncing your phone contacts. For anyone concerned about Facebook privacy, this is a must watch tutorial.
Update: Running the Facebook app on your mobile phone? Dont forget to go into your phone settings and also turn off syncing.
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent civilian intelligence agency of the United States government. It is an executive agency and reports directly to the Director of National Intelligence, with responsibility for providing national security intelligence assessment to senior United States policymakers. Intelligence Assessment, think about how they can moniter the mood of the people by monitering the feed back off of Facebook. When they want to start a war, they have everything they need and more.
I hope this information is helpful and useful to all my readers. Please pass this information on to your family, friends and with all your contacts. Becareful out there. Big brother is watching.


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