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“Extreme” entertainment with otherworldly forces? The “window game”

If you suffer from a suffer from a sudden insomnia attack or you just do not want to sleep, then on this occasion there is one game with otherworldly forces, which only the most courageous will decide to play. If you agree to this, then you should know that you are doing it at your own peril and risk, and keep in mind that you are in no way encouraged to practice it, as the consequences can be dire.

The game assumes the presence of a window. The second mandatory factor: you need to wait for the last day of the month.

In fact, what you need to do is not difficult: before you go to bed, you should stand at the window and concentrate on getting your mind ready for the encounter with the unknown, that is, mentally opening your mind to beings, living in other dimensions. Moreover, it is advisable to do this before midnight. After that, you should close the curtains tightly and go to bed.

You will understand that everything worked out if after half an hour there is a barely audible knock on the window, sometimes it is accompanied by sleepy breathing, similar to the sound of the wind. But in no case do not let curiosity take hold of you and do not go to the window to look at what is on the other side. Remember, when this entity is around, you must pretend to be asleep and not even open your eyes.

It is understandable that this will be difficult to do, since every cell in your body will want to jump up and run away. To make it easier, you can try to completely cover your head with a blanket and count the seconds between breaths.

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If you show calmness and do not betray the essence of your pretense, then its paranormal activity will only increase: it will go from light tapping on the glass to blows of such force that you will be afraid that it will burst or the noise will not wake up the neighbors.

Even in spite of everything that is happening, gather all your will and control yourself, because until you look out the window, you are safe. Try not to react, stay calm and continue to lie in bed.

After some time, it will seem to you that everything has calmed down and the otherworldly entity has left, but in fact this is not so. The ghost, or whatever it is, is trying to lure you out of curiosity and make you look out of the window.

Do not do this under any circumstances, it is advisable not to sleep at all, as you may be subjected to its visit even in your sleep, which may be more dangerous.

The first rays of the sun appearing will mean that the game is over and this time you won. Everyone who played this game cannot describe what was outside the window, since those who dared to look there mysteriously disappeared.

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