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Extraterrestrial: Alien Structures Appear on Moon

Extraterrestrial: Alien Structures Appear on Moon 1

by Stacey Anne

On March 13, 2014, there were white structures found on the Moon. This was noticed by a Youtube user, Bluebeard2011, through Google Moon. Google Moon is an app similar to Google Earth where we can see satellite images of the Earth; but in this case, we can view satellite images of the Moon instead.

Bluebeard2011 posted these discoveries which caught the attention of Scott C. Waring, a UFOlogist, writer and creator of UFO Sightings Daily. Waring posted a video on his website, UFO Sightings Daily, of the structures which Bluebeard2011 founded on the Moon.

It wasn’t only one structure that was found, there were plenty; and all of different sizes and types. There were those that look like a white ceramic building, the others are in color black (non-reflective) similar to matte black, and the others look like a metallic. Waring actually found structures in the Moon before and posted it in his website on August 15, 2011. He also had pictures uploaded; however last year March 31, Waring said that NASA deleted those photos and replaced them with altered ones.

Now, going back to the structures recently discovered, there were no coordinates to the structures so Waring searched for it and was able to locate them. Here is the coordinates: 3°53’18.47″S 17°34’20.73″W you can copy and paste them to Google Moon. Bluebeard2011 also have marked the location so that it would be easy for viewers to locate them. Waring said that it would be better for viewers to check the structures themselves for them to believe and he also mentioned that it would help to hear the opinions of others about the structures seen.


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