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Exposing Monsanto – a brief but shocking history (Monsanto Video Revolt)

Exposing Monsanto - a brief but shocking history (Monsanto Video Revolt) 1


…it’s about Monsanto and Genetically Modified Organisms…

This is very dear to our hearts, so we have decided to participate on this one too.

We hope that as many as possible join too and make a stand together to STOP Monsanto.

It’s as simple as, make a video, no matter what kind and label it “Monsanto Video Revolt” and on the

24th, upload it. (TODAY) – Follow link for details:


We have prepared ours, and have tried to not only make it a “revolt” message but to show

WHO Monsanto & Co really are.

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We hope you enjoy our video in the hope you share and support it, with the believe that this can actually

make a difference.

We are not ignorant to the fact, that there is so much more wrong around us all at this time or that

this may not quite stop them just yet.

BUT, if it has any impact at all, it’s an impact in the right direction, STEP by STEP.

Enough, is enough, if we don’t STOP Monsanto, Monsanto will stop us all!

Link to the Video:

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Thank you

Wake Up! Message



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