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Evolution Proves We Are Alone in the Universe? Maybe Not!

Could the intellect be the result of the work of natural selection, or could it have arisen due to an incredible accident that forever changed the course of history? Perhaps the answer to this difficult question could also answer the riddle about the possibility of the existence in the Universe of our alien brothers, who are searched for, but scientists from all over the world cannot find. 

As you know, probable events occur frequently, improbable events rarely or only once. In any case, the evolutionary history of mankind shows that many key adaptations that appeared on Earth not only in the form of intelligence, but also when complex cells, photosynthesis and animals arose, were unique, isolated events, and therefore extremely unlikely. Our evolution may have been similar to winning the lottery, but only with a much less likely chance of winning than usual. If so, are we really alone in the universe?

Are we alone in the universe?

The universe is amazingly huge. The Milky Way has more than 100 billion stars, and the visible Universe has about a trillion galaxies that make up a tiny part of the universe that we can see without going beyond our planet. Even if inhabited worlds are extremely rare, a huge number of planets in the Universe suggests that the cosmos is literally teeming with life. So where is everyone? The whole essence of the so-called Fermi paradox lies in this question: although the Universe is large, old and huge, for some reason we do not have any evidence that we are not alone. Perhaps the whole thing is in the mind? Could it be something out of the ordinary?

It is well known that evolution is sometimes repeated, giving different species the same features. A vivid example of this behavior of nature can be representatives of the extinct Australian marsupial tilacin, very similar in its characteristics to a kangaroo. So, although tilacins looked like wolves in many respects, their key feature was the presence of an abdominal sac for carrying offspring, although the presence of a similar quality comes from a completely different species of mammals.

Other prominent cases of convergence effects include dolphins and extinct ichthyosaurs, which have developed similar forms in order to glide over water. The same goes for birds, bats, and even pterosaurs, which converged and separately developed their ability to fly.

Marsupial wolves, extinct about 100 years ago, are a great example of the convergence of evolution

Most critical events in our evolutionary history are truly unique events. One of the vivid proofs of this is the existence of a solid skeleton in vertebrates, allowing animals to easily change their location relative to land. The eukaryotic cells that make up the bodies of all animals and plants have evolved only once in their entire history; the same can be said about sexual reproduction, and even about photosynthesis. In addition, the appearance of a person’s intelligence and cognitive abilities can also be entered in the same column.

Thus, according to an article published on, convergence seems to be the universal rule of our universe, making evolution a likely event. But at the moment when we are trying to find incoherent events, it turns out that it is precisely the complex adaptations that turn out to be the least repeatable and even unlikely. Moreover, these events are interdependent.

So, people could not evolve until the fish “invented” to develop their skeletal system, which allowed them to crawl out to land once. Bones could not develop exactly until complex animals appeared in nature, consisting of groups of individual cells, at some point in time deciding to connect to form an even more complex organism. So, step by step, it can gradually be calculated that absolutely all life on Earth could have come from only one ancestor, which arose as a single event among the same random phenomena. It turns out that life could arise only once?

Could a random mutation lead to the birth of life on Earth?

Spanning millions and billions of years, evolutionary processes could create the narrow goal of natural filters, which made our existence similar to winning the lottery again, and again, and again. With this approach, according to approximate estimates, the probability of the development of life and intelligence in the Universe is 1 in 10 million. Given that a number of complex adaptations may be even less likely, the likelihood of developing intelligence drops to 1 in 100 trillion. In this case, you and I may well be the only intelligent life in the galaxy or even in the visible Universe. Then again, what if everything measured in pure statistics is blindly wrong?

What if there is no Cosmic evolution or evolution in general. Sometimes, Science unintentionally answers its own questions. Perhaps, there is only one universal plan, possibly a divine providence and creation. Each quark, each atom and each cell develops and moves where it is necessary, but not where it is needed. We are part of this plan.

But, according to science, apparently the development of the mind depends on a chain of incredible events and, in fact, incredible luck, thanks to which you can lead your daily life. 

What do you think, even if the analysis of evolutionary processes proves that we are alone in the Universe, maybe we should change something in our attitude to the planet and to each other? 

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Fact or fiction

A man who has been to hell told what sinners are punished for

The story happened to one man named Zhao Tai during the reign of the Western Jin Dynasty (265-316). It is described in a collection of Buddhist stories.

At some point, Zhao felt a severe pain and immediately lost consciousness. The man’s body remained warm, so loved ones waited for him to wake up. This happened only 10 days later. After “returning”, Zhao told what happened to him.

Immediately after losing consciousness, a horseman arrived at him. Two escorts led the Zhao to the east, where a big glorious city was located. There were thousands of people who, together with the hero of the this story, descended to the underworld. A man in a dark red robe asked what kind of sins he had committed. Zhao replied that his father and brother were officials, that he studied at home, did nothing wrong and did not commit crimes.

The man was the assigned to command the prisoners in hell. Some went with punctured tongues, others were hugged from red-hot iron, and others had their body part boiled in cauldrons. If a person died during these trials, they were instantly brought back to life. All punishments corresponded to crimes.

If a criminal could cope with all tortures, the next stage would be rebirth and reincarnation. Killers and thieves became pigs and sheep, which the owners eventually slaughtered for meat; people who led a decent life turned into birds and animals; those who did not repay their debts during life turned to horses and donkeys for hard work.

In order not to go to hell, a person must constantly improve and not commit evil deeds. In the underworld, they knew that Zhou was allotted another 30 years, so they released him into the human world.

Exciting (fairy)tales, aren’t they?

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Fact or fiction

5G networks act as an accelerator for diseases

There are concerns that the UK could be severely affected by the coronavirus due to the deployment of the 5G network , conspiracy theorists say.

There are currently 3983 confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded throughout Britain and Northern Ireland. The disease has spread rapidly since it was first discovered on January 31, 2020. The death toll is 335 people and Prime Minister Boris Johnson warns that this number will increase significantly.

As coronavirus spread around the world , a new conspiracy theory found a grateful audience: virus symptoms: fever, cough and shortness of breath – this is how the human body actually reacts to 5G. The theory was met with skepticism by experts who noted that coronavirus was detected in many areas without 5G networks. Anti-5G critics living in the UK believe the virus most likely started in Wuhan and was shipped to the UK. But they are concerned that an ultra-fast network, currently operating in nearly 100 locations across Britain, could help the disease spread faster.

Somerset-based activist Louise Thomas told The Daily Star Online:

“We cannot say that 5G caused the coronavirus, but that could make it worse.”

Tanja Rebel, another activist and teacher of philosophy at Whit College, said:

“Many studies show that electromagnetic radiation suppresses the immune system and helps viruses and bacteria thrive. Thus, electromagnetic radiation and, in particular, 5G could act as an accelerator of the disease. We don’t know for sure, but common sense and a preventive decree urgently need a moratorium on testing 5G until we can say that it’s safe.”

The precautionary principle states that governments and societies should be wary of responding to anything that could cause catastrophic damage that is not yet fully understood by science. The Public Health Authority of England asked for comments about 5G networks. In Italy, which is now the country with the highest coronavirus mortality rate, 5G networks were established in five cities in 2019 with plans to increase coverage throughout 2020.

A 2011 study at Northeastern University in Boston showed that some unicellular bacteria, such as E. coli (E. coli), can communicate with each other using “radio waves.

“Very little is known about COVID-19, the new coronavirus that underlies the current pandemic, but studies have shown that viruses “talk to each other” when deciding whether to infect a carrier. Activists are now urging the government to stop deploying 5G networks for public health. “Especially in today’s situation, it’s crucial that we don’t play with the lives of our citizens. That would be reckless,” Rebel said.


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Fact or fiction

Coronavirus plus Armageddon. What are the dangers of alien asteroids who fly to Earth

The leap year 2020 has prepared many surprises. Fans of various kinds of conspiracies have already found predictions of the spread of coronavirus in the statements of Vanga and Nostradamus. However, the true end of the world can overtake mankind from a completely different perspective.

At the end of next month, a Planet Killer will fly next to Earth. It is found out how likely the collision of the planet with an asteroid is and what its consequences will be.

A block the size of a village

On April 29, a giant asteroid 1.7 kilometers long and more than four kilometers wide will fly very close to Earth. The giant space object is called the Killer of the Planets and flies together with a company. According to NASA, which cite the media, this company will be its “little brother.

“Two asteroids – 1998 OH and 1998 OR2 – are characterized as “potentially dangerous” because their sizes are “large enough to lead to global effects if one of them collides with the Earth.”

Will humanity die?

Photo © Shutterstock

Scientists give answers to this question in a different way. However, NASA still reassured, arguing that in April the end of the world should not be expected. Asteroids will not come closer than five million kilometers to our planet, despite the fact that their flight path will not be so far from Earth.

However, to prevent these threats, there are large research centers scattered around the world. It is in them that data is collected annually on the fall of cosmic bodies to Earth.

According to various sources, each year, about 500 meteorites slightly more than half a kilogram fall to Earth. Most drop in the ocean or burn out in the atmosphere, but they are all so small that they go unnoticed.

On the other hand, the consequences of a collision of the Earth with such a large cosmic body as the Killer of the Planets can be fatal. You can look at them on the site Impact: Earth!, created by scientists from Purdue University and King’s College London. So, the fall of an asteroid with a diameter of 1300 meters into the ocean at a speed of 38 kilometers per second will lead to tsunamis and earthquakes lasting almost 20 minutes.

If we take the example of another asteroid – 1997XF11, which will fly near the Earth in 2028 – you can see a map of devastating consequences if it falls, for example, in the center of Spain. Its diameter is 1.6 kilometers and a speed of 48,000 kilometers per hour.

Photo © Atresmedia

The first circle denotes the area in which there will be nothing alive. The second – yellow – limits the area where the vast majority of living things will not be saved, and if they survive, they will have very serious health consequences. The inhabitants of the red circle will be able to stay alive with a slightly greater degree of probability. The green zone awaits massive destruction. Finally, the purple and gray circles are areas that will be struck by a blast wave: deafening sounds, debris and ashes await them. Looking ahead – in the event of such an asteroid falling to Earth, the fate of dinosaurs awaits humanity.

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