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European Women Unite to Stop the Wave of Sexual Abuse by Migrant Men

European Women Unite to Stop the Wave of Sexual Abuse by Migrant Men 1

With every major event in our world, there is always a side of the story that always brushed under the rug of public awareness for political reasons. For years we’ve been hearing about the mass migration of millions of Muslims into all corners of Europe, and heard the divisive arguments for and against allowing this to occur.

In 2016 we reported on comments made by the Dalai Lama, who offered a very realistic viewpoint on the situation, noting that while it is undoubtedly compassionate to help suffering people, there is a limit as to what compassionate people can practically handle.

“When we look into the face of every single refugee, especially the children and women, we can feel their suffering.

A human being who is a bit more fortunate has the duty to help them. On the other hand, there are too many now.” ~The Dalai Lama

His comments capture the paradox in the issue of refugees and mass migration, but two years later, there is a side of this story that is going vastly unrepresented in the mainstream media.

The physical and sexual abuse of European women at the hands of migrant Muslim males continues to rise at an alarming rate, yet there seems to be little political interest in addressing, or even acknowledging, the concerns of those being abused, raped and murdered.

European women are now uniting to spread awareness to the issue and are calling out the politicians and policies which are failing to provide justice or security. The movement is called #120db, named after the volume of the handheld audible alarms women are being told to carry with them everywhere as a measure of protection against migrant men.

The group has released a shocking video highlighting this issue as the ‘daughters of Europe,’ asking for greater protection and recognition as Islamic terrorism continues to spread throughout the continent.

As the website Defend Europa reports:

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“German women are finally speaking up and their weapon is a new hashtag, #120dB…. the project was launched on Twitter by @BeritFranziska and it’s already taking off. #120dB is a revolutionary project in which German women expose migrant violence, rapes, and links to terrorism.

During the video… The girls use the terrible story of the abuses of Rotherham as an example of what European women have to endure while our politicians preach for tolerance and multiculturalism.

The video tells the story of the everyday woman who is scared of walking alone in a park, scared of jogging alone and always carrying pepper spray and wearing anti-rape pants.

During the video the names Mia, Maria, and Ebba are constantly repeated, they are the names of just 3 of the thousands of victims to migrant violence, rapes, and terrorism. Names that we will never forget and we will always remind the politicians who caused this that their deaths are on their conscience.

The video finishes with one of the protagonists saying that #120db is the true #metoo, strong words and a very important statement.” [Source]

Their first promotional video for the movement is seen below, and is quite effective in presenting this issue to the world.

At a time when the #metoo movement has rocked America, women are finding it easier than ever to speak out about the sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace and in life in general. Ostensibly, the movement aims at supporting women’s rights, but members of #120db would like you to know that the rights of European women to safely walk their own streets is being entirely ignored.

About the Author

Isaac Davis is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an outspoken advocate of liberty and of a voluntary society. He is an avid reader of history and passionate about becoming self-sufficient to break free of the control matrix. 

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This article (#120db – European Women Unite to Stop the Wave of Sexual Abuse by Migrant Men) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Isaac Davis and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.


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