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Aliens & UFO's

ET’s and a new history of early civilised man

By Leonard Farra

In the 4 March 2014 online edition of Huffington Post, Astronaut Leroy Chiao was reported as posing this question:
‘If there is life out there…….why don’t they just come and show themselves’.


Updated Answer

Something extraordinary happened, on this planet, several thousand years ago. Fully developed civilisations suddenly sprang up in the Old and New Worlds and whole tribes were  on the move settling into new lands. Major changes in human life also occurred in Ancient Sumeria whose scribes claimed that their people were survivors of ‘The Flood’. All these things happened in the era around 5,000 years ago at which time there is evidence of flooding and sudden climatic change. (1)

According to Sumerian and Babylonian texts, ‘The Flood’ was caused by the Annunaki, who appear to be aliens, when they destroyed the evil people of the previous age. (2) Their Earth visit was a major influence on traditions, religions, and legends, in the Ancient Middle East, Egypt, Greece, Scandinavia, countries in Asia, parts of Africa, among Native Americans and also on remote Easter Island in the Pacific. (3) Although they were not named, by the Ancient, the Annunaki leaders are identifiable with a group of early gods who were revered throughout the world. The Maya and, possibly, Mexico’s Olmecs, regarded them as creator gods. (4) As Christianity was the religion in Europe, in the Middle Ages, they were now ancestral leaders, or heroes, and this continued right through to present times in popular adventure stories, legends, and famous films. (5)

The E.T’s, who reputedly visited this planet, were not little green men, or the monstrous creatures of science fiction, as they resembled tall white men and they wore white robes.(6) As I suggested, in an earlier article, their dazzling appearance might be the reason why priests, in many early religions, wore white robes in the service of their gods. In religious art, angels are depicted in white robes and , in the Book of Revelation, white garmented beings described as elders, are seated around a throne in Heaven when angels send down destruction on Earth (Rev.4- ).


Although this New Testament story is a prophecy of what will happen in the future , it was adopted, by the Church, from Middle Eastern legends, dating back 3,000 years, about catastrophic events which reputedly occurred in the era of the visit of the star-people.(7)
One of the E.T leaders was reputed  to have been the great civiliser of man. The Sumerians called him Ea and the Egyptians knew him as Osiris. Aztecs and Maya called him Feathered Serpent, (Quetzalcoatl ), the Incas -Viracocha and some North American Native tribes called him Michabo-the Great White One. He was also known to the Aborigines and their tribes in Eastern Australia called him Baime. When the Spaniards arrived in the New World, 500 years ago, the Aztecs, and Incas, were convinced that the white god, and his companions, had returned and, after first being mistaken for the former, Capt Cook was killed in Hawaii.

   Few people place any significance on the custom of royalty, and leaders, of carrying ceremonial staffs or on magicians using magic wands. However, rulers have been carrying staffs, or sceptres, for 5,000 years, ever since gods were shown holding them, and stories told about them suggest that they had various functions such as healing and water divining. (9) The hook, or heqa, staff ,  shown held by Ancient Egypt’s white clothed civilising god Osiris, was later adopted by the Church as the bishops’ pastoral staff.


Stories about a staff which  was planted in the ground, sometimes with star-god links, was popular in several early cultures. There were versions of it in Jewish and Christian, English, legends, among the Ashanti in West Africa and the Incas in Peru.(10)


Strange objects held by “warriors” – Tula Pyramid platform, Mexico

Animals, birds, and insects have been used in symbolism for thousands of years. The bull was a religious symbol throughout the Mediterranean Region and it was also used in rituals. In Egypt, for example, the Apis Bull was regarded as an incarnation of Osiris and a replacement was chosen when it died. (11)


Egyptian God-bull Apis. Louvre Museum


2nd Century A.D sculpture of Nandi [Bull]

the-tauroboliumTaurobolium comes from Rome the Eternal City (Clara Erskine Clement) also published 1900

The bull also played an important role in the bloodthirsty initiation rituals of Mithraism, in Ancient Rome, and, with related sky-god traditions, it appears in the Ancient Greek story of Theseus and the Minotaur (12). Some scholars believe that the bull was only a symbol of strength but what they overlook is that it also represented Taurus whose most famous stars, the Pleiades, are in its neck. These stars were associated with the Creation, the Flood, and the Star-People. Their appearance, at certain times in the year, was an occasion for joyful celebration and just as they were associated with the Creation, their dawn appearance often began a new era and the agricultural season. One of the Indonesian tribes claims to know where the craft of the Pleiades people landed. They also believe that they came from these stars and that they will return there when they die. (13 ) Similar beliefs are found among the Native American tribes, such as the Lakota, in whose traditions, the Pleiades are in the head of the ‘White Buffalo’ constellation.

Some early religious traditions, legends, rituals and symbolism, imply that the star-people arrived on Earth in a fleet of discs which emerged from a huge mother ship (14) and so it’s not surprising that the symbol frequently used to represent their craft appears to have been the circle and that the most prominent disc in the sky, the sun, played an important role in many festivals. Some native people, such as the North American Natchez, believed that the great civilizer, who visited their ancestors, emerged from the sun (15) and festivals were often celebrated when there was a heliacal rising of the Pleiades. Stone, and earth, circles, which have been found in most countries, also seem to have represented the ‘homes’ of the gods (16) just as temples have done for thousands of years. These circular enclosures were used for religious, and ceremonial purposes, from the Stone Age era and until comparatively recently by people who still follow their ancient traditions. (17) Archaeologists believe that the famous, ‘5,000 year old’, Stonehenge site, in Wiltshire, England,  was associated with ancestor worship but its symbolism, which was changed several times, suggests that it was dedicated to the worship of the ‘recently departed’ star people. Because they have a  different mindset, traditional researchers  have overlooked  the deeper significance of one of the important symbols, outside the main circle, as it means nothing to them, and the same comment applies to  Stonehenge’s  astronomical alignments to a group of  ‘circular earth mounds’. (18)



Twenty four miles north of Stonehenge, near the Wiltshire town of Marlborough, in ‘ crop circle country’, is the lesser known Avebury complex whose main features are the largest  stone circle in the British Isles and the 131 ft high circular Silbury Hill, the largest man-made mound in Europe, which can be seen from miles around.




Silbury Hill

The purpose of this hill has mystified researchers as excavations have revealed that it wasn’t a rich burial mound as was previously believed. Beside Silbury Hill there is a small lake. Many Ancient Egyptian temples had a sacred lake and religious sanctuaries were often built beside a river. But what’s  so special about water? Well, according to some creation stories, all that existed in the beginning was the Primeval Sea and from it emerged the Primeval Land ( the World Mountain). There were representations of  this mythical mount in several countries, such as the moat surrounded 12th century Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico, and Tiahuanco in the Andes and some of the symbolism, built into these structures, was sky-god related.


Reconstructed pyramid from Chaldea  from ‘The Story of the Nations
by Zenaide A Ragozin (per Perrot and Chipiez) published 1900

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

Below, GeoEye’s IKONOS satellite took this image of Angkor Wat 


Since this sacred symbolism is also built into Silbury Hill, it would seem that it, and its lake, were also versions of the World Mountain. (19) Incidentally, there was also a circular mound, similar to Silbury, in pre-Colombian Mexico.(20)

On 17 November 2013, at a jungle site at La Mana, Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador, Alexander Putney, and his partner Suzanne Benoiton, made a remarkable discovery of a ‘river fronted’, triangular shaped, hill upon which there are parallel lines of shaped stones. This site, which is thought to have been part of a lost pyramid complex, is now known as the Hummingbird Pyramid and, like various other water linked pyramids, it seems to have been a version of the World Mountain which rose from the Primeval Sea. Those people who have read my books on this subject, will appreciate the deeper significance of the area’s other watery features which also suggest that this site had been specially chosen. (21)  Although the religious beliefs of the Hummingbird Pyramid’s builders are unknown, we need to bear in mind that there were Pleiades linked traditions throughout the Americas and that many of its peoples had legends of a civilising sky-god who visited their ancestors.

Over thirty years ago, I was present at a series of channelled communications where information was given about the visit of the star-people, and one of the messages, channelled through psychic Gerry Sherrick, said that when their craft was approaching Earth, it resembled a huge comet with its tail stretched across the sky. (22)


This image of Comet McNaught was captured by the European Southern Observatory in Chile as both the comet and the sun were setting over the Pacific Ocean. The ocean surface appears nearly flat at this distance. Credit: European Southern Observatory

I later learned that, in 1519, when a comet appeared in the sky, and other strange things occurred, including the landing in Mexico of the fair skinned Spaniard Cortes, the Aztec Emperor Montezuma was convinced that the civilising white god, Quetzalcoatl, had returned as predicted. (23) The  Bible ,(Isa.14:29), also mentions fiery flying serpents and in Mexico, comets were called ‘flaming serpents’.(24) Could it be that this is why the snake was associated with the gods, throughout the Early World, and why this creature appeared  in so many early traditions and legends. In Ancient Egypt, and several Asian countries, special importance was placed on the cobra. It’s often found in art and there were representations of it on temples. The python was revered in Africa as was the rattlesnake in parts of the Americas. Some Native Americans, such as the Hopi, celebrate with serpent dances and snakes are depicted, with tall strange figures, among the numerous rock drawings in Utah, U.S.A. In Central America, gods were also shown emerging from the mouths of snakes. Serpents were depicted in Bronze Age rock art in Bohuslan in Sweden. (25) and snake worship was popular in parts of Early Europe.


Hearth  serpent at Pompeii

One of the surviving European serpent dances  is popular in Helston, Cornwall, England, in the form of the Furry Dance in which people dance in a snake-like procession through the town’s streets. It was also common for people to keep live snakes in their homes, in parts of Northern Europe, until the 16th century. (26)


Furry Dance

Serpent worship in Africa dates back to the mists of time and some African tribes celebrate with snake dances. In the African Dahoman kingdom of Whydah, live pythons were kept in snake houses in every village (27) and among the West African Ashanti there are ‘sky-god serpent legends’ which are remarkably similar to others in Central America. (28) Could it be, as some alternative scholars believe, that the Negroid features on many huge Olmec, stone heads, in Mexico, are evidence of an early African presence on that side of ‘The Pond’?


The Great Serpent Mound , Ohio

There is an astronomically aligned serpent mound in Ohio, U.S.A , whose winding shape is reminiscent of sky-god symbolism, and there’s also one in Scotland where people enacted their religious rituals.(29) The serpent also played a role in the sky-god traditions of the Australian Aborigines and small serpent mounds were used by the Warramunga Aborigines in their rituals. (30)


Australian Aboriginal Warramunga Ceremony.
Source: Customs  of the World which was published around 100 years ago. 

 For thousands of years, birds, and wings, have been used to represent flight and also beings from another world. There are winged gods in Assyrian religious art and angels, in Christianity, are always shown with wings. Across the Northern Hemisphere, and North America, the eagle was associated with gods.


This winged god is from Zenaid A Ragozin’s Story of the Nations (per Perrot and Chipiez) 1900


The Eagle headed figure from Chaldea is from  Ragozin  (per Smith’s Chaldea) 

In South America, the condor was a companion of the white- robed  civilising god Viracocha and there is a huge effigy of one among the  mystical drawings in Peru’s Nazca Desert. The Church adopted the dove to represent the Holy Spirit and it often appears on church windows.



This white bird was previously used by the Greeks to represent the Pleiades and it appears in several early deluge stories including the biblical version.  George Catlin, (1796- 1872), was an American traveller, and author, who painted portraits of the Native Americans, and he reported that ‘the Prairie Indians regarded the turtle dove as a messenger of the cycle of rebirth.*’(31)

*In both the Old and New Worlds, traditions relating to the beginning of a new era were often linked with the appearance of the Pleiades.

Most of the thousands of rock drawings, found around the world, are linear but in Bohuslan, in Sweden, parts of Africa, Easter Island, Utah and the early Mississippi culture in the U.S, and in the Canary Islands, there are figures of a ‘bird-man’. This mythical part bird part human probably represented a god. The Thunder Bird, is a supernatural bird in North American Native legends and it’s also depicted on totem poles on the North-West Pacific Coast. One might expect that it was only linked with thunder but one North American legends, which appears to be sky-god linked, suggests that the 1960’s British Sci-fi series ‘Thunderbirds’, with its space rescue vehicles, is much closer to the truth than its makers could ever have imagined. (32)

The spiral has featured  in world symbolism for thousands of years. Although it’s shown with varying numbers of winds, there is one, more complex, type that’s been found in many  countries from Ireland in the Far West to Siberia in the Far East (33), and it’s also used by the North American Hopi Indians. I have discussed this spiral, in more detail, in ‘ The Pleiades Legacy (The Old World)’, and I have shown that it appears to  be sky-god linked. There are numerous spirals among the thousands of ground drawings in Peru’s Nazca Desert and some of them are also star-god symbols (34).


Nazca Drawings – Spiral

What’s also there is a set of concentric circles that  has also been found in other countries, in prominent places, such as on a mountain top in Brazil (35). In Ancient Sumeria, it was a symbol of the god Ea and other forms of it were linked with his Egyptian, and Incan, counterparts – the gods Osiris and Viracocha.

The amazing story of the star peoples’ visit was also alluded to  in star-lore, astrology, in the symbolic layout, and astronomical alignment, of some Stone Age sites and temples, in traditions, legends, allegorical stories, festivals, Early World art, place names, early folk customs, astrology, calendars, the sudden rise of civilisation 5,000 years ago in the era of sudden climate change, and especially in sacred numbers, which I have not discussed in this article, which play an important role in unlocking the hidden history of civilised man.
So, what these various sources suggest is that 5,000 years ago, our world was visited by aliens, at  a  time of greed and conflict, in the history of man, and they came here, with their craft, in a huge mother-ship. The visitors, who the Ancients associated with the Pleiades, had the appearance of tall white men dressed in long white robes. Among the high tech equipment, that they brought with them, were multi-purpose staffs and replicas of these were adopted as items of royal regalia by many people in the Early World. The star-people had previously provided advanced technical information, for those people deemed worthy of it, and they had also taught people agriculture. Some people, however, misused the knowledge that was given to them and the ‘gods’ destroyed them with a massive flood. This flood was the subject of the  hundreds of simple deluge stories that were told around the world. When the Europeans colonised the Americas, they suppressed the Native Americans’ star-god religions and replaced them with Christianity.  However, the visit of the star –people has never been completely forgotten and some Native Americans are still awaiting their return.


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Copyright 2014 by Leonard Farra


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Singh says the disc-shaped object moved upward very quickly, which is when he took out his phone to record what he was seeing.

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