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Etraterretstrial recognition? Vatican announces press conference on aliens and supernatural phenomena

The Vatican has scheduled a news conference to disclose information, according to a spokesperson, regarding UFO sightings and supernatural phenomena.

During a news conference scheduled for Friday, the Vatican was expected to present guidance on new provisions from the “Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith,” which is the Holy See’s foundational canon doctrine for believers, as stated in a press release from the Vatican Press Office.

The primary focus of the new directives is to address strange or supernatural phenomena that defy interpretation. Additionally, Vatican officials are poised to release updated documentation on UFO sightings.

The existing guidance provides detailed steps to be taken when reporting an unexplained phenomenon. Moreover, the guidelines direct officials to allow some public display of worship or devotion and to make a determination regarding the authenticity of the supernatural phenomenon.

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The decision to hold a press conference has unsettled the ufology community, as no such event has occurred since February 1978. The National Catholic Reporter attributes this to a recent increase in media reports of aliens and “supernatural phenomena.”

Cardinal Franjo Seper justified the Pope’s and his officials’ action as “necessary,” stating, “The ease with which one can travel contributes to frequent pilgrimages, necessitating that ecclesiastical authorities quickly grasp the benefits of such matters.”

It remains uncertain what connection the Pope has with extraterrestrials. Is he in charge of NASA? Or does he share a different kind of kinship with these beings? It is expected that the cardinals will shed light on this topic tomorrow.


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