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ET Disclosure, 5G, The Shift, & Mental Health

ET Disclosure, 5G, The Shift, & Mental Health 1


  • The Facts: Joe Martino was recently interviewed on  discussing big changes occurring in our world, ET disclosure, 5G and the rise of mental health challenges and what that means for us.
  • Reflect On: Are we in times of chaos? Or are we in times that are ripe for deep shifts in consciousness?

I recently had the pleasure to speak with host Ryan McCormick of Outer Limits Radio. This was the second time Ryan and I got to talk about topics of current events and consciousness from a conscious media perspective, and this time was just as enjoyable as the first!

When you look at our current times, there is a lot going on that can make it feel like we are in times of chaos. But are we really? Is this truly chaos or just times that allow for change? Another way to look at it is, if we choose to view our current zeitgeist as chaotic, is this chaos ‘negative’ or ‘positive?’ You’ll likely recall we don’t particularly play with polarity here on CE, but what I’m getting at here is, simply because we see a ton of tension being brought to the surface in our world, it doesn’t mean we are in bad times. In fact, one could say we are exactly where we need to be to create change that comes a higher state of consciousness and heart-based creations.

This has been the perspective I’ve consistently shared when people ask me how I feel about the state of the world. We are in a time where shifting our consciousness is what we’re being asked to do. Why get caught up in the drama of the mind when we can truly look at what our world is trying to show us from a deeper perspective?

In the recent interview with Ryan, he asked me about some hot button topics that are on many people’s minds. I invite you to explore this interview as Ryan and I discuss:

  • What the 2 biggest changes happening in our world this year are
  • The shift in consciousness
  • Whether or not 5G will harm humanity
  • Extraterrestrial disclosure and its impact on humanity
  • The rise in mental health challenges and what it’s showing us

You can download the episode via the player or listen below.

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