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Epidemic of deaths of rich crypto “gurus”: Quite by accident, the 6th crypto billionaire died in a row

Epidemic of deaths of rich crypto "gurus": Quite by accident, the 6th crypto billionaire died in a row 1

When last Saturday the helicopter carrying 53-year-old businessman Vyacheslav Taran crashed in Monaco resulting in his and the pilot’s instant death, various rumors began to circulate as to the cause of the crash. The Russian billionaire has become the sixth cryptocurrency entrepreneur to die under mysterious circumstances. A paranoid cryptocurrency millionaire drowned on a Puerto Rico beach after he tweeted that he feared the CIA and Mossad were going to kill him. Nikolai Mushegian, 29, died on October 28, hours after posting his last tweet. The troubled young millionaire had mental health issues and his family doesn’t believe it was some kind of dishonest performance. The financial world was shocked by the sudden and unexpected death of a young cryptocurrency founder at the age of just 30.

Tiantian Kullander, co-founder of Hong Kong-based digital asset company Amber Group, died in his sleep on November 23, and the news was confirmed on the company’s website “with the deepest sadness and heavy heart.” A Russian billionaire has died in a helicopter crash near the Franco-Italian border, the latest sudden death of a figure in the cryptocurrency world.

Vyacheslav Taran, 53, founder of Forex Club and president of Libertex Group, was reportedly the only passenger in the helicopter that crashed this weekend in Villefranche-sur-Mer, according to multiple reports. Controversial bitcoin billionaire Mircea Popescu, 41, died suddenly, leaving behind a massive crypto fortune that could be worth up to $2 billion and which some speculate could be lost forever.

Popescu, who was once one of the largest individual bitcoin holders in the world, drowned last week off the coast of Costa Rica near Playa Hermosa after a morning swim, according to local news reports.

In addition to the above mysterious deaths we also add Gerald Cotten’s death in 2018 which caused so much intrigue and controversy that it was explored in the Netflix documentary ‘Trust No One‘. Various theories have emerged about Cotten, the most compelling perhaps, claiming that he is alive and living off the lost millions.

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Also, troubled banking heir Matthew Mellon died of a heart attack in 2018 while preparing to enter a drug rehab clinic in Cancun, Mexico. Mellon was born in New York to one of the oldest banking families, descended from Mellon Bank founder Thomas Mellon.

Thus, we have six cases with the sudden death syndrome for crypto “gurus” in total and so the question arises: who and why are these people removed? Or do they clean up on their own? 

The most popular version on conspiracy forums suggests that some kind of great monetary reform is brewing and therefore crypto-currencies are removed so that they do not run underfoot. To some, this idea seems quite logical and convincing, however, let’s look at the facts. 

In reality, the combined fortune of all these billionaires exceeds $ 15 billion and for people who can stir up the reformatting of the world currency market, this is just a ridiculous figure.

It’s like some gangster opening a luxury car dealership in his area and beforehand ordering all the used bike dealers that sell in the next block – so that they do not compete with him. Therefore, the theory of competitors in the currency market is rather funny. 

There is another viewpoint associated with aliens – the evacuation of space tourists who were here on vacation began. This is closer to the topic and may well be, but how many tourists are among the major crypto holders? If there are tourists, they hang out somewhere in Hollywood, where you only need to blink and not work with your brains. 

Thus, both of the most popular versions are clearly wrong, despite the fact that there are no other narratives. And at the same time, the crypto market has been in a fever for a week now, which looks very strange against the backdrop of the deaths of billionaires.   

Therefore, what is really happening can only be a guess, but it seems to us that all these guys have learned something about the upcoming global financial changes, having insight via their capital and certain position in the circle. After that, probably, crypto billionaires decided to make money on this knowledge and somehow did not react to warnings not to get into a serious topic that they had not started. Well, things didn’t go well after that. 

We don’t know how true this theory is, but if everything is correct there, then the world will soon expect some very big changes in the financial world with global consequences. 

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