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Enter the darkness and find the missing puzzle: Antichrist will come first and this scenario is unchangeable

Enter the darkness and find the missing puzzle: Antichrist will come first and this scenario is unchangeable 1

The coming of the Antichrist in the “end of times”, in the time of the Apocalypse, is a script encoded in our DNA. The Bible says that Antichrist comes first, and then Christ, the Second Coming, unconditional love, divine consciousness, Paradise and all things.

Many imagine the Antichrist as some kind of negative character, a person who will come and start misleading everyone, to lead them away from the true path.

At the same time, believers will be weeded out from unbelievers, a type of winnowing – separating chaff from grains, and so on.

But this is how a person perceives information on a certain layer of consciousness.

What is actually happening

This scenario plays out for everyone individually, when a person moves from the consciousness of separation to the consciousness of the unity of the source.

What “Antichrist” means in this case is all our darkness, all our subconscious, all our fears, the reptilian consciousness of survival, there are also low-frequency, destructive programs.

And this “Antichrist” is the personification of the darkness that comes first when you embark on this Path of Awakening.

First, your “Dark Side”, the reverse side of the coin, is naturally revealed. It comes and you recognize it, align it, accept it, uplift it.

Antichrist will come first and this scenario is unchangeable

In this darkness lies your strength, all parts of the soul, all false identifications, temptations, vices, and so on, unaccepted parts of yourself.

And what you do, you are going through this darkness, through the “Antichrist”, up into the superconsciousness, through the dense substance, transforming, aligning, accepting, realizing, making a choice every time you fly into the consciousness of the Unity of the Source, where you already meet your Dawn.

And that’s basically the whole story.

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You cannot move into the consciousness of the source, reveal the God Gene in yourself, ascend to the golden platforms of consciousness until you pass your “Antichrist”, until you come face to face with your dark side.

Darkness is known when you open your subconscious, all the programs and recognize the truth about ourselves without dividing it into good and bad.

This scenario is recorded in our cells, and in the image and likeness, the general scenario for all of humanity takes place.

Antichrist will come first and this scenario is unchangeable

Now there is an opening of the seals, a kind of “concussion of the pyramids”, the release of energy, raising this darkness to the surface.

The main divine program has entered into force, which goes through certain stages invariably.

In the Bible, all this is described in personifications, with various “special effects”, but the nuclear explosion and the tsunami wave that covers us – it’s all inside us, in our fears, in waves of emotions, explosions of psychic energy, during our personal Apocalypse.


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