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Enoch | The Great Pyramid Mystery

Enoch | The Great Pyramid Mystery 1

We have been reading and listening about the Great Pyramids of Giza since our childhood whether we are Jews, Christians or belong to the religion, Islam. Although we have got slightly different versions of origins behind those landmarks, at least the world accepts it as one of the miracles on Earth.

Since the dawn of man, the time has been his ruthless enemy. There was nothing man could do to escape his earthly demise.

But the pyramids towering over man and his creations fear no time.

Much has been said about the origins of these mysterious structures, so much that the truth has been concealed within piles of false assumptions.

But an archaic figure has cracked the riddle of both time and pyramid.

His name is Enoch – the man who cheated death to go rule over the otherworldly kingdom of a higher force.

Before departing for these higher beings, Enoch had left a luxuriant cultural heritage for the generations to come.

He wished for them to solve the riddle of time, just like him, so he concealed the answers within his teachings, and within the greatest architectural mystery of present-day – The Great Pyramid of Egypt.

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Sumerian and Mayan accounts remind of Enoch as the one who conquered time and who encoded this secret within the time-defying pyramids – his masterpiece.

It is now up to YOU to decipher this timeworn knowledge and garner its unimaginable benefits.

What you are about to discover is likely to steer you on the right path.

General facts about the Pyramids which probably every search site would display includes it’s construction with heavyweight stones. Very heavy at that.

It is to the extent that some fact gatherers also proclaimed those stones could have been used as a boundary wall around the globe. Khufu the Pharoah is generally accepted as the builder of this marvelous piece of art.

The archaeological findings assert the pyramids to be a tomb or safe to the embalmed bodies of the powerful monarchs of the past.

The Egyptologists also claim three of the Pharaohs to be kept in the pyramids. The names of the pharaohs were Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure.

Enoch Great Pyramid Mystery
The Sphinx and Great Pyramid

Knowing more about the Pyramids in Egypt had been one of the favorite encounters of the archaeologists of all time.

It was in the 19th century, 1837 to be exact when a British archaeologist, Richard Howard Vyse was known as one of the influential egyptologist dated this gigantic and well-engineered building to have been built in or around 2500 B.C.

He with his team found something about the pyramids that had been under the covers. According to his research, the walls and some of the ceilings had something written in hieroglyphics (Egyptian Writing System).

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He proclaimed to find two of the Pharoah’s official monograms on the walls; Khufu and Khnum-Khufu.

On the basis of these revelations, the said Egyptologist imputes the Pharoah as the builder of the Pyramids of Giza.

History has never remained unchallenged for a long time. People are always eager to find something fishy in one’s findings. History is also accused of being biased and not accurate absolutely all the time.

Richard Vyse enjoyed the crown of the first person to date the Pyramids, not for a long time.

Researchers had already been suspicious about Vyse’s proclamation buy it was in the year 2014 that two student archaeologists succeeded to get the samples of the substance which was used in the cartouche of the Pharoah.

The results shook the belief of the world about the Pyramids. The smart students from the University of Dresden confronted Vyse’s finding.

The substance they took for the observation was claimed to be the inscription by the Pharoah himself. According to them, the paint doesn’t date to the 2500 B.C.

The history was manipulated in the hands of the British Egyptologist, Richard Vyse. He and his team added the hieroglyphics later on during the repair of the ancient Pyramids.

The question here arises, why would an archaeologist of such caliber create a hoax?

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Research says that Richard Howard Vyse’s expenditure on the whole quest of dating the Pyramids was around 1.3 million dollars.

One of his writings suggests him being failed in finding any hieroglyphics.

However, it was some years later, in his official book, that he found only one cartouche of the Pharoah Khufu.

The inventory Stella proved to be the last nail in the coffin of Richard’s finding.

According to this age-old script on a tablet found near the great Sphinx by another archaeologist Auguste Mariette in the latter half of the 19th century (1858 to be exact), Richard Vyse might not be wise enough in drawing his conclusions about the dating of the Pyramids in Egypt.

The tablet presented the fact that the statues in the Giza complex date back to the era before that of Khufu.

Enoch The Great Pyramid Mystery
Inventory Stella

This dating game gets more interesting when more archaeologists came forward and use different methods of dating a historical site.

Recent discoveries about the Great Sphinx suppose it was constructed much before most of the Egyptologists agreed.

The specialists in dating climatic changes assert that the particular stone used in the creation of the Great Sphinx had been a victim to erosion during the famous rainy days in Egypt.

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This fact makes the people, interested in the Egyptian history to doubt the construction period of the Great Pyramids too.

The quotation still needs a resolution. If Richard Howard Vyse is pronounced wrong in his findings of the Pyramids then who actually built them?

According to an Arab Historian, Ibrahim-al-Maqrizi, the Great Pyramids were constructed by a king who ruled the world even before the Great Flood, named by Surid Ibn Salhouk. Some sacred books have this name with variations as Enoch and Idris and Hermes.


Ancient legends let us know more about the character of Enoch. His reign comprised of almost 243 years.

It is clearly mentioned in the Bible that he surely is among those rulers who ruled the world before the Great Flood.

We get more insights into the topic through these legends that Hermes or Enoch had some special powers which enabled him to construct such a wonder, but also from the book Enoch | Great Pyramid Mystery.

It is said that he was warned by angels/gods of a great catastrophic incident in the form of a Flood. He took this as a precaution and start constructing the Pyramids to save the valuable collection that he dreaded to get drowned in the Flood.

Another proof of angels or supernatural powers helped him in the construction of the Pyramids are the written images that are found during research.

There were some objects in the air shown in the images that were helping the builder to complete the task efficiently.

Still, whatever is researched till now might get rebuttals later on. More archaeological excavations might result in something opposite or totally unknown till now.

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For more insight into the possibility that the great pyramid was built by Enoch, watch the following video, Enoch | The Great Pyramid Mystery

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