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End of 2012 and the Unleashing of Evil

End of 2012 and the Unleashing of Evil 1

Bernie Suarez AP

It’s almost 2013 and the globalist monkeys of terror are moving as fast as they can to oppress humanity, individual freedom, the Constitution and human rights. Politicians everywhere are moving their feet as fast as they can to undermine the Constitution. Those committed to a lifetime of slavery to the federal system are consumed with their false paradigms, leading them to believe that those who are doing everything they can to destroy humanity’s dignity are doing something benevolent like providing “safety”; such is the result of mass brainwashing and media propaganda.

If you are a pessimist you can see nothing positive heading our way, but to all pessimists I say please take a minute and consider this.

I refer to those cooperating (either deliberately or indirectly) with this mass global government agenda as Monkeys of Evil. Try to see how police that go along with this evil global agenda to enslave humanity are nothing more than TV-watching slaves stuck in an outdated paradigm. And with every TV show they watch they are convincing themselves that they are doing the right thing. These people are nothing more than armed zombies.

For truth and reason to prevail, those of us who understand what is happening will have to be prepared for hard times; we will have to be patient with the zombies, have the grace to stay positive and see the bigger picture. The bigger picture assures us that the failing paradigm has a timer on it which will soon run out and blow up.

Like the many paradigms that have come before our time, this old paradigm based on greed, fractional reserve banking, endless war, mass brainwashing propaganda and deadly military industrial complex death games with no rules will soon be fully exposed.

Facebook decided to delete the accounts of those that have committed themselves to activism, freedom and truth, and yet others for unknown reasons (gun owners?), but we know that this will only backfire on the empire. Yes, they restored some of the accounts, but only after personally speaking with some of the activists on the phone who apparently needed to answer specific “security” questions.

Evidence and odd circumstances and behavior suggests that the empire chose to sacrifice children in Newtown, CT to further their agenda to destroy the Second Amendment, which only proves that they will stop at nothing to stage more shootings and continue to attack America and the freedom it represented. Let’s continue to expect more false flags and realize that everything they try will be exposed and met with resistance. Those of us who understand what is happening must count every step they make as one step closer to the freedom of humanity.

So let’s keep the pressure on the system of evil that has enslaved our human friends including many police and government workers. Let’s give those that are buried in the matrix and live in deep mental bondage something to look up to.

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Like a diver about to jump into deep waters let’s jump in and get ready to swim. Let’s remember evil need not be met with more evil and violence; it only needs to be exposed – humanity will do the rest.

Remember, this is a relay race not a one-on-one race; we need only to pass the baton of truth to the next person. This is a simplicity that is built into who we are. Realizing this simple truth and realizing that you need not change the world all by yourself might save you from losing your mind, your cool, your life or all the above.

Good luck and cheers!


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