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Empire of the Air

A debt is owed to John Keel, Jacques Vallee, and Mac Tonnies in any discussion of the more bizarre but perhaps more likely explanations for paranormal and extranormal activities observed by we Terrans. The people of earth should be aware by now that we are not the only beings in this cosmos with rational intellect; we should additionally be open to the possibility that we are not the top of the food chain or the most advanced life form on the planet. In fact, we may fall somewhere in the middle, or possibly even at the bottom.
What’s more, is that we all instinctively understand this to be true. On the most fundamental levels of our beings – and the most essential strata of our collective being –  we are perfectly aware that we are predator as well as prey.
Is a virus superior to us? Is a virus that can kill millions or billions or even all of us, superior to us? Or are we on a parity with these things, capable of destroying them, even as they are capable of killing us?

Who made these things?

A herd of cattle can be dangerous to a lone human being. Even a single cow can crush a man. But the irony in this is that the cow is food to the man, while the reverse proposition is merely absurd. What humans lack in physical power, we make up for in technological supremacy and intellectual flexibility. You may be crushed or gored by a bull, but you are unlikely to be tricked by one.
Religion is a fantasy, but that doesn’t make religion untrue or invalid. Science is a religion, and therefore no more an unreality or a body of lies. The scientist assumes his or her perception is valid in the first place, and from this basis draws a series of conclusions. When challenged on the fundamental assumption at the core of all other scientific reasoning, the scientist refuses to entertain discussion on the matter… or else they act amused and engaged just long enough to undermine the notion that we should wonder at such things at all. To those committed to a faith of any kind – be it in the unseen or in the numeric – there can be no valid questioning of the basis for thought or the terms of discourse. Rather than attempt to prove the validity of our reality, every person of faith – whether said faith is placed in religious or scientific dogma – will avoid the question with verbal gymnastics or cognitive chicanery. Underneath every belief system is the haunting suspicion in the mind of the believer that everything they hope, adhere to, and trust, is a lie.

This evolved on Earth. That’s why it’s similar to you… It just happens to be much older.

In a large enough system, all human fantasies are realities. More disturbingly, in a sufficiently large system, all fantasies not imagined by humans are also realities. What is it to be the nightmare that nightmares have?
Radio silence would be a great idea. Barring that, not sending directed interstellar messages is at least advised. Don’t talk to the sky unless you are ready to hear the answer.
The Little People of Fairy lore are often poorly described. Legend and myth expect us to fill in many blanks, where they are not written from a viewpoint that assumes outright that we already know the boundaries and imagery of what is being explored or described. No less, the Fae can manipulate what we see and hear; in general, they are the masters of our experiences. They possess control over magick, and Arthur C. Clarke long ago reminded us that magick is the word we use for technology and processes that we cannot otherwise understand. The Fae are inhabitants of this world, and they coexist with us in much the same way that we coexist with serpents, insects, and fish: They know what we are, and we are rarely to be found in their precincts. It is very likely that when we are found in their dwelling places, we are either killed, or else we discover that we make great pets.
Is the true form of the Little Person really the Gray Alien of modern folklore? There’s an argument to be made against this, since if we are dealing with a being capable of manipulating our perceptions, it might well be composed of anything and take any shape. But a certain logic needs to be acknowledged in these matters. Human beings have a pair each of arms and legs, a single head, a pair of eyes, and a variety of other immediately recognizable features. The “alien” Grays of popular culture possess all of these traits, albeit subtly altered in various ways that add up to a somewhat disturbing image. Generally, these creatures are described as smaller than we humans. They are also hairless. We are generally less physically powerful than forerunner versions of our own kind, and we are probably much less hairy than previous hominid versions. There is a parallel, here, and perhaps also a parable.
The Gray is a humanoid. It is a being from this world, evolved before us and living alongside of us with a possible common ancestor as the root. It built the great megalithic structures we cannot comprehend, and it is responsible for the frequent sightings of impossibilities in this world – the UFOs and USOs, the Bigfeet and Sea Monsters, the paranormal visions and manifestations. Some of these phenomena may be intentional manipulations or obfuscations. Some of them may be considered side effects of their technology interacting with our environment. Weirder but more clearly human phenomena also fit into this overarching view: The Nazca lines become fairly obvious attempts to establish direct contact with a superior species of men – no doubt viewed as gods – in an effort to obtain their aid or encourage positive interventions by them in human affairs. The behaviors that gave rise to weird ritual sites and huge public works projects undertaken by people living at or just above the subsistence level may have their roots in emulation, but they also indicate certainty on the part of our ancestors that the Others not only existed – they were also available for consultation under the right sets of circumstances. It is this level of apparent certainty which implies that early human beings knew for a fact that these higher forms were present and interacting with them. One does not undertake a complex and long term public works project – generally before the invention of the concepts of “public” or “works” – without the reasonable expectation that it will achieve its purpose. It’s a fair bet that ultraterrestrials once walked the earth. One must wonder, however, where they have gone…

Mandala expresses interdimensionality as a two-dimensional proposition.

There are many places in the earth beyond our ability to properly and thoroughly explore. The deep oceans and the “deep places of the earth” are merely two examples. We have no way of considering what lives exactly two seconds ahead of us in time, or what might exist primarily in the 8th through 11th dimensions of space-time in this reality.
To the forerunners of our own age, such beings belonged to the “empire of the air” – a mystic, fairy realm populated by visions and dreams made manifest. Another, infinitely darker realm existed alongside, home to various twisted beings and races of monsters. Our anthropologists and psychologists tell us that this division of the universe into material and metaphysical planes was merely a way of managing humanity’s fears and aspirations. But they can as easily be completely wrong: it could instead be that human beings at the subsistence level live in a world to which they are much more fundamentally bound. No less, the human need for entertainment and distraction is part of a coin, whose other side is a set of highly developed traits evolved to command an intimate knowledge of the surrounding environment. It is not enough to see the world. It is not enough to hear it or taste it or to smell and touch it – one must feel the world in a way beyond the physical. Some scoff at these ideas, but they are not the people who survived the true wilds of this world fifty thousand years ago.
The ancient shamans laugh at us.

The Time-Maker

If we doubt the possibility of ultraterrestrials, we choose to ignore the vast and ever-growing body of information derived from contact with the weird and the unknown. We choose to overlook the long-standing factor so essential to the human experience – that very different, very superior creatures seem to interact with us every so often. We cannot get hard, physical evidence of these things with any reliability, for much the same reason that no ant court has managed to charge a human child with genocide and enter a magnifying glass into evidence. In the case of the Fae, the Others, the Air-Lords – we may call them everything and nothing – they are the masters of this, their planet. We are merely other creatures in the menagerie, as compelling to them as chimpanzees are to us – and likely also just as primitive and repulsive. Man is his own zookeeper.
Our religions are direct records, in many cases, of the interaction between homo sapiens and this higher form. Do they hesitate to make us believe that they are angry, vengeful gods, when we appear on the brink of stampeding in the wrong direction? Would we hesitate to stun or kill a chimpanzee that had gone into a killing frenzy?
They taught us the secret of the Pyramid, a physical representation of our social order and power-hierarchy. It is no accident that Wizards have congress with Machine Elves. It is no error that led the Ten Thousand Sects to manipulate the outer by means of the inner. There is a Pyramid on your money, and one on your mind, as well.

You know this one… But the issue is WHY you know this one.

When we please them, we can be trained and guided. When we displease them, we come to bad ends. We do not hesitate to “put down” beloved pets and rabid animals alike. A great many other scholars who are regarded as “fringe” – even though they may very well have discovered a profound, world-shaking truth – have already made the point that the “alien abduction” cases and their hallmark phenomena are remarkably similar to human behavior toward other animals. We tag and track and capture various wild specimens from time to time. We become involved in training and experimenting on animal populations for all sorts of reasons, including tracking environmental impact, counting heads, livestock, labor, and studying mating habits.
Are we not also very obviously guided, trained, and bred? And do our own records not reflect this? Yahweh in the Bible does not “choose” the Hebrews – he breeds them. He refines them and adjusts them at his will, directing them first to wallow in misery over having lost out on a perfect paradise through an act of disobedience – also known as Free Will. Elohim (or Yahweh) punishes the first Hebrews, and subsequently all Hebrews as a result, for thinking for themselves. He then casts the out first to be nomads, then the conquered, and then conquerors. If one pays very careful attention to the structure of the Genesis narrative, Adam and Eve come off not as the first humans, but rather as the forerunners of the Hebrews. There are already other people in the world by the time Eden is created. Yahewh (or Elohim) is engaged in a little breeding experiment, among other things. Somewhat later on, he sends a pacifist with a redeemer’s soul, who nonetheless still has a bit of the Old Testament anger where necessary. Will Yahweh one day send another, a destroyer, to refine the earth and purge it? And just who is Yahweh, anyway, this member of a wider whole called, “Elohim”?
Ask a character like Rael of the Raellian faith, and you will hear that these “divinities” are just extraterrestrials. But this is also an excellent back up story behind which to hide, when the original cover story begins to break down. No less, the response of the experimental subjects to the data they are fed is an excellent way of tracking the cognitive development of said subjects. As they wake from one dream, another should be introduced. The act of challenging and overcoming these deceptions improves certain properties of the variable group. It is also bound to generate intense debate within the whole of the experimental population, since they are intentionally kept from evolving in such a way as to identify who it is that is controlling their reality, and why.

Today, this is ridiculous. Tomorrow, this is Religion.

We are an experiment, and the experiment is ongoing. Someone is trying not simply to tell us something, or care for us, or use us – they are attempting to make us into something.
The Ickes & Sitchins of this world cannot be altogether right, because the idea that we are only food or slave labor is simply too human and too pat. A number of logical fallacies are also present in these contentions. For instance, if a species is advanced enough to keep us as a food, they are advanced enough to do so without resorting to manipulation. Additionally, if a group is advanced enough to create us and manipulate us for slave labor, they are equally advanced enough to not require slaves or slave labor. There’s almost certainly more to this game, since whatever these ultraterrestrials are, they are considerably different from us. That which is different in form and function will also reason differently and possess different goals. That which is superior to us in capabilities will also be superior to us in planning and orchestration.
The breeding and mating issue is a significant one, and it should be taken very seriously. We need to recognize that our myths and fantasies are telling us boldly and directly that we are being cultivated and managed and molded by higher powers. Merlin did not choose Arthur to rule the Britons – he bred Arthur by manipulating the mating of his parents. The fairies regularly picked impressive human mortals with which to mate, as did the ancient Greek gods. These themes repeat in every pantheon, every system of faith, every version of the truth. The core message is undeniable: we are being genetically managed. We are being conditioned and developed. We are under the direct, continuous, and quite invasive control of a master species (or group thereof) advanced well beyond us, that shares this world with us and may well frequent the stars.
When you mate with a goddess, can you really be so arrogant as to believe that she couldn’t find someone better among her own kind? Did Aphrodite’s true form really consist in the apogee of feminine beauty? Or was she a Gray utilizing direct mind control to make a human male believe he was in the act of mating, when in fact he was simply having his sperm milked in a technical and unromantic procedure designed to harvest valuable genetic material?

Mighty Aphrodite

Are we really to believe that aliens are cherry-picking the human genetic tree for the choicest fruits? Or is it that those supposed vats filled with alien-human baby hybrids are just produce for sale in interstellar markets? Could it be that the “aliens” are nothing of the sort, and the program of breeding that abductees insist is underway is in fact an illusion designed to conceal a deeper – perhaps darker – purpose? Is it not more likely that – if genes are being harvested – the goal is to collect the weakest and most servile traits, rather than the strongest? A servile hybrid race might be useful… so too a servile human species, carefully bred to remain backward, ignorant, and simplistic. This very orientation must apply not only to alien outsiders and their agendas, but also to fellow inhabitants of this planet who are far more advanced than we.
Of course these could be the secret truths: that we are food, or entertainment, or tools in the hands of those far greater than we. Perhaps all three scenarios are valid, and our fates ultimately depend upon which kind of ultraterrestrial we encounter. But there is a long standing tradition behind all of this that we are being bred. And an even longer-standing tradition that the alien/god beings that give us our religions are giving us cultural themes, concepts, institutions, and morals, such that they define for us what is right and what is wrong. They have taught us law and order and government. They have given us the “appropriate” forms of these structures.
A wider issue presents itself when we consider these possibilities and their attendant factors: how much of our arts, entertainment, philosophies, and faiths are carefully managed educational and indoctrination devices? A strong argument can be made for various interacting societies beyond our own, some seeking to provide humanity with a paradigm designed to elicit growth, whereas others are dedicated to encouraging thought that leads to weakness, obedience, and despair. Who moved the pen of Howard Philips Lovecraft? And who moved the quill of William Shakespeare?
The intelligence behind any mechanisms of social organization is able to rule a society without even being present. Once a species is broken to harness and set to run a particular course, those who made the harness and charted the route need not even really pay attention. Their creations will continue on unchecked, undiverted, and utterly focused – if by focused we mean so blindly obedient as to not realize that every rule, notion, and intention is not their own. We rarely consider the possibility that puppets see their strings, but understand them to have a far different purpose than their real use. Perhaps the puppet believes the string is a function of physics, and that the movements that appear to control the puppet’s arm are just quantum fluctuations in no way guided by an intelligence. Well, this is what the puppet physicists believe, anyway.

Perhaps the puppet physicists are correct, and the puppeteer is as much a puppet of forces greater than he.What is the nature of man? And what is the nature of consciousness, if these things are not unknowable and beyond us, much as a marionette would not understand who or what hovers over the stage?
Is there a Ghost in the Machine? Or is there instead an Emperor of the Air?

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Archangel Gabriel’s Ark | More powerfull than Ark Of Covenant?

Gabriel’s Ark

September 11, 2015, a terrible drama took place in Mecca. 107 people died and another 240 were injured. It was said that the origin of this accident would be a sandstorm that occurred instantly over the city of Mecca. Fans of conspiracy theories say Saudi Arabia has given Russia an ancient apocalyptic weapon discovered under the great mosque in Mecca, according to Daily Star

Through the darkest corners of the internet, there was a rumor that under the Masjid al-Haram mosque, the holiest place of Islam, a legendary weapon called the “Ark of Gabriel” was discovered.

According to the legend, the archangel Gabriel, who told the Virgin Mary that she would give birth to Jesus, and would have dictated the Qur’an to Prophet Mohammed – would also entrust to the founder of Islamic religion a box or an ark with an “enormous power”.

Mohammed was told to bury the ark in an altar, to a place of prayer, to be dug up only when the end of the world is near.

On September 11, 2015, in an attempt to move that mysterious weapon, it instantly ejected a huge plasma emission that was so powerful that it affected the crane that crashed across people, causing 107 victims.

A second attempt to move the mysterious weapon took place on September 24, 2015, but this time, that huge plasma emission caused thousands of deaths in Mina, very close to Mecca. The authorities blamed the “panic of the crowd” and hid the truth from public opinion.

Gabriel's Ark
The authorities did not give an official statement. A photo that was caught before the catastrophe raises many questions. It’s a flash that was caught a few minutes before the tragedy was produced.

Immediately after the second catastrophe, His Holiness, Patriarch Kiril of Moscow, was contacted by the Saudis.

Why? Because the Russian Orthodox Church holds an old Islamic manuscript, which was rescued by the Roman Catholic crusaders in 1204 when they robbed the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople (today Istanbul, Turkey).

This manuscript, titled “Gabriel’s Instructions to Muhammad”, presents the history of the instructions given to Mohammed by the angel Gabriel in a cave called Hira, located on Mount Jabal un-Nour, near Mecca.

The angel entrusted to Muhammad a “box/ark” with a “tremendous power,” belonging to God and only to God.

This “box” should not be used at all, but buried in an altar, “in the place of worship of angels before the creation of man,” until Qiyamah, that is, until “the Resurrection Day.”

Gabriel’s Ark to Russians?

What happened next to this mysterious “box” / “weapon” buried in Mecca?

There is information that “the weapon of the Angel Gabriel” might now be in the hands of the Russians, a Russian military ship, Admiral Vladimiski, leaving in November 2015 the Jeddah Saudi Port, carrying on board the mysterious object, called “Gabriel’s Ark”.

And the Russians took this weapon to Antarctica. Why there? I have no idea, but not for nothing, the Nazis had secret bases in Antarctica.

There is something mysterious there …

Gabriel’s Ark
Survey ship Admiral Vladimirsky (1975) of the Hydrographic Service of the Soviet Union

Russia has provided specialists and a ship to transport the object. It is also said that to protect the ship, the Russians used nuclear weapons that produced the catastrophe.

On September 25, Patriarch Cyril, the head of the Russian church, had a meeting with representatives of the Saudi authorities.

It is said that the object discovered is of an extraordinary importance to the Russian church.

This information came to the press after a Kremlin report, which unofficially came to the hands of some media representatives.

The report explains that the 15 scientists who participated in the removal of the precious object from the underground, at the time of its extraction, produced a huge explosion.

A plasma emission caused an explosion in one of the tunnels. In ancient religious texts, it is said that God forbade the use of this mysterious, destructive object that Mohammed would have wanted to use.

This object was hidden under the largest mosque in Saudi Arabia. Putin was the first head of state to be notified by the Saudi authorities of the mysterious object discovered. He sent the famous military ship, Vladimirski, to carry the mysterious object.

A few days after this event, Putin ordered the bombing of Syria. It is also said that after this discovery there was a very close relationship between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Interestingly, on February 12, 2016, a historic meeting, the first in over 1,000 years, took place in Cuba between Pope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church and Patriarch Kirill of Russia, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Why? The exact nature of the conversation is not known, but there is information “scattered” on the Internet that Pope Francis would have given Patriarch Kirill another secret Bible manuscript, owned by the Vatican Library, which speaks of the same “Gabriel’s Ark” and about which is said to have been written even by the Bible “Watchmen” (angels).

Gabriel’s Ark
Leaders of the greatest Christian denominations, Pope Francis and Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, met for the first time in nearly a thousand years.

After this meeting of Kirill with Pope Francis, in 6 days, on February 18, 2016, the patriarch of Russia goes directly to Antarctica (read the news on The Telegraph)!

Surprise surprise! What does Patriarch Kirill do in Antarctica? Beyond the official lying statements, he seems to have gone there because the Russian Navy Vladimir, carrying on board “Gabriel’s ark,” brought in Antarctica this mysterious ancient object.

With the help of the Pope’s manuscript, Kirill held a job (an “ancient ritual”) for Gabriel’s Ark at the Trinity Church of King George (Antarctica), a small Russian Orthodox church.

Interestingly, there are rumors that President Obama, during his visit to Argentina (March 26-27, 2016), made a secret visit to Antarctica, in the unknown Russian location where Gabriel’s ark is housed.


Bizarrely, part of the data is real. The Amiral Vladimisky vessel called the Jeddah port at the beginning of that month on a “military-religious” mission.

The reason for the appeal was not officially explained, the Russian press describing it as a mysterious business visit.

Navy spokesperson said:

“The crew had the opportunity to rest. The water and food supplies were refreshed. “But strangely, the cargo included Russian-made capsules that were to be placed in” military glory “areas and in the seaside places of Russian sailors.

The visit is very strange given that the relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia are not good at all, the two countries being opposite sides of the barricade in the civil war in Syria.

Sorcha Faal, whose unfounded allegations about Gabriel’s Ark spread very quickly on the Internet, offer no reason beyond the fact that Islam and the Russian Orthodox Church are hostile to the Catholic Church for which Saudi Arabia would offer Russia this weapon.

Equally well, Sorcha Faal fails to explain why Russia would carry the gun to the Antarctic, but only provides some links to conspiracy theories about the existence of a “Nazi Nazi UFO base” at the South Pole.

Faal is considered to be a pseudonym of David Booth who owns the What Does It Mean site, the site that first appeared the information.

It is very unlikely that Booth, whose beliefs are the same, and that according to which a planet named Nibiru will strike the Earth until March 2016, have access to the Russian army’s secret reports.


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Angels in War

In the midst of trials and misfortune, people look and pray to the heavens to ask for help and direction. Answered prayers come in different forms and often without a minute to spare.

Many accounts in the Bible tell of angels appearing in dreams or knocking on the doors of men to warn them of dangers, to guide in their actions, and to bring God’s answer to their prayers.

These winged creatures act as mediators in the role between heaven and earth. The Roman Catholic Church refer to angels as messengers; the gatekeepers, the defenders, and troopers of God against the clutches of Satan and his demons.

It was in the year 1916 when Sister Lucia and her friends in Fatima saw the first angelic apparition on a calm day. At an early age, Lucia and two of her friends were playing when a tree nearby shook violently.  The children could see a luminous white presence that appeared from the cloudy mists.

It was an angel.

The deity was a young male who appeared transparent and of incredible magnificence. He guaranteed he was the Angel of Peace and asked them to pray with him. Lucia and her companions kept the story to themselves because, according to her, the incident itself demanded it.

But two years before Sister Lucia’s vision, a mysterious and miraculous apparition appeared to British and German soldiers in the French borders during the first world war, also known as the Great War.

British infantry, before moving up to the front line: Battle of Mons on 23rd August 23, 1914

In August 1914, The British and French powers battled the German  Deutsches Heer, who outnumbered them three times to one in the Battle of Mons, named after a city in Belgium. The British were forced to retreat not only in light of the overwhelming size of the German Army but also because of the fall back of their Allied French, exposing Britain’s right flank.

However, with certain victory at hand the German army suddenly halted their advance while the British and French troops were in full retreat. Why did this occur?

On April 24, 1915, an account describing visions of specters – angel-like beings and warriors helping the British soldiers during their withdraw in the Battle of Mons was published in the British Spiritualist.

These accounts describe an angelic army that comes to aid of the outnumbered British during the war with German soldiers. And what makes it more interesting is that both sides of the front have stories to tell about strange apparitions. One record from German detainees portrayed the presence of phantoms who resembled bowmen, led by a tall figure on a white steed, encouraging British troops as they assaulted the German trenches.

The British claimed to see supernatural beings flying over the German lines as if to inspire the French and British underdogs which it did. Other accounts insist St. Michael the Archangel (God’s defender), the Virgin Mary, and even the French saint, Joan of Arc, appeared in the battle.

Such an occasion would have raised British and French soldiers’ confidence and spirit since it would suggest God was their ally. But were there really heavenly angels during the Battle of Mons?

The YouTube link below around the 5:00 minuet mark provides an account of the Angles in the Battle of Mons, strange and unbelievable as it may seem. The video describes the barrage of heavenly cavalry warriors dressed in white, who stampeded the German armies. The German forces reportably abandoned their weapons – panic-stricken fleeing in fear and terror.

The Great War had its devastating consequences for fighters who were at the forefronts of battle. Before PTSD, (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), the expression “shell shock” portrayed those who experienced combat stress. Shell-shocked soldiers were vulnerable and displayed unstable behaviors. They were terrified, panicky, unfit to talk, walk, rest, and their reasoning declined.

Fighters on the front experienced pitiful conditions. They had no bed to sleep on, only mud, by a trench filled with decaying bodies. Exhaustion from battle and the absence of rest incurred significant physical and mental damage on the weary fighters. Because of this, hallucinations were common among these men. Were such visions merely hallucinations born out of the misery of war?

Or was this story propaganda to boost the spirits of the troops and the general population? It is a fact the Allied forces endured heavy losses during the early course of the war. An account of divine intervention would have encouraged  the masses and general well-being despite the horor of war. Arthur Machen who was a Welsh essayist published his story, “Bowmen” in a London daily paper on September 29, 1914. When readers asked for bits of proof, he maintained that the story was purely imaginary.

Others say even alleged eyewitness accounts are from different obscure sources. The years have gone by now without  modern scientific studies.We may never know what exactly flew over the skies of Mons Belgium during the first war of August 1914. But it is captivating to consider angels crusading for justice in the heat of battle.

Regardless of whether it is valid, the narrative of the heavenly apparitions seen in the Battle of Mons brings one to contemplate the struggles we deal with each day. We, too, have demons to face in this modern world.

We can only wonder if Angels are real and if they are, are they watching over us?

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Exorcists go online as Vatican faces mounting demand

YouTube Screenshot of the Order of Exorcists

Tyler O’Neil
PJ Media

As Italy has experienced a massive explosion in demand for exorcisms, an independent organization offers demon-busting services in 24 countries that can be ordered online.

The Order of Exorcists has an easily accessible “Contact Us” form to request an investigation and an exorcism.

The family or person needing help – please make the request via our “Contact Us” form on this page. Please include all the details about the situation including the names of people within the household, what kind of help they are looking for, and complete contact information.

The order undergoes an extensive multi-week process to ensure that demon possession or paranormal activity is involved, and then to perform the exorcism.

Once the information is received we will start the process by contacting our members in that area where they would form an “Investigation & Assessment Team.” This would be the first stage of the process which can take about two or three weeks. Then one of our team members would make “first contact” and set a date for the Investigation & Assessment. Our team will collect all evidence, including documentation such as photos, videos, medical and psychological reports. One of our exorcist clergy members is a medical doctor. He would review the medical reports and submit his findings and recommendation to the Chief Exorcist. This would be the second stage of the process which can take up to a month. If the evidence shows an exorcism is needed, a priest would be assigned for the exorcism.

The Order of Exorcists site presents one in-depth example of an exorcism, which it refers to as “EXORCISM CASE NUMBER: 2272182.” The exorcist in question himself narrated the tale, explaining that a man stepped out of the darkness saying, “What are you doing here? You have no business in this neighborhood,” and then disappeared.

He saw shadows moving along the walls, and heard sounds of a woman screaming. Outside the room, he heard “screaming and objects smashing against the walls from outside the room.”

“As I entered the room, the possessed was sitting on the floor with a comb in her hand, scratching and cutting herself with the comb, while screaming and laughing at the top of her lungs. Her stepfather and mother helped me to place her on a mattress that was laying on the floor. She was only twenty years old, but appeared wrinkled like she was over hundred [sic], had a gray pallor, and a horrible stench,” the testimonial read. He wrote that the girl had ripped her hair out and had deep cuts that did not bleed. Her fingernails were embedded in the walls.

“I began the exorcism ritual and asked the demon to identify himself,” he recalled, then the mother had a heart attack. She died on the way to the hospital. After getting her to the hospital, he reentered the room, where “the temperature dropped thirty degrees.”

The exorcist wrote that the possessed taunted him, saying “Hell is waiting for you and I know how to take you down. Do you want to die, die, die? I’ll kill you now!”

“At one point her body began to raise from the mattress,” the man recalled. “I commanded the demon to identify himself. After the fifth day he finally identified himself as ‘Eligos’, which means ‘Great Duke of Hell’. With the command to free this soul in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, she was finally free.” The exorcism took 10 hours a day for 4 days.

The site features many videos, mostly featuring pictures of Archbishop Ron Feyl and his team, a newspaper the Order of Exorcists published, and various photos of possession with music.

The organization published this video last year.

While unaffiliated with the current Catholic Church, the Order of Exorcists announced that it is “affiliated with 26 jurisdictions, 25 parishes, and 60 lead exorcist investigators in 18 US states and 24 countries.”

They offer services to “anyone with demonic issues, free-of-charge, who are experiencing symptoms of demonic possession, demonic infestation and/or house disturbances, including evil spirits, demons, and demonic hauntings; the Order of Exorcists should be your last call for help” (emphasis added).

The Vatican may not be able to partner with the Order of Exorcists, but the independent organization is out there, and it should not have a better request form than the Catholic Church’s official partner.

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